Rogue one trailer just dropped and holy crap it looks INSANE!


I’m so hyped for the movie! the trailer looked awesome, and those shadow troopers look awesome! AT-ATs are invading pirate island too!

what did you guys think of the trailer?



disliked unsubscribe not enough lightsabers


Can’t wait to find out what Mr. Spock is up to now.


Looks better than the last Star Wars iteration…more thrilling I hope!


I’m very eh on this. I do not care one bit for the on ground stuff, this Rogue One, an elite fighter group known for their amazing flying and combat abilities.


If it’s done true to Star Wars, there will be air and ground battles going on at the same time. I for one would love to see more ATAT’s in action.


Again, I’m just eh. It looks cool and interesting, I’ll most definitely go see it, I just wish the fighting is the main focus.


Oh… My… God

It’s a movie trailer that’s under TWO MINUTES long


I didn’t see many Bothans dying…


Seems to me that’s it’s going to be a darker star wars film


anyone see the double Kylo Ren shuttle?


I am really digging it! Cannot wait.


Looked pretty cool. It gives me more of a action film vibe than an actual Star Wars film, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless


I like the remix on the force theme at 1:30 - 1:40


Oh shit! My boi Donnie Yen is in this film!! This is a must see now.


That screeching half way in made me drop my phone.
Good trailer. But my phoooooonne.


Looks downgrading to The Force Awakens. Hope it’s good - it seems pretty cool, for the most part, but I’m not sure about getting used to another squadron of Rebel Pilots that I barely know.

Time to go Google some shit, I guess.

Heh, anyways, it’s nice to see the Original Trilogy’s look in a remastered world, where Jabba the Hutt won’t look so gimmicky with all that weird animation, greenscreens, and other funky stuff.


Or Sy Snootles shudder


Oh no…

Oh God… please no… :C

Please tell me it’s not true! DX