Rogue Game mode


What would you guys think about a game mode that would be called rogue. Where it is a 1v1 but both of you would be monsters. I think it would be cool if the 5th monster was like the queen or something and a rogue monster would show up and she would send her Stage three monster after it. pretty much be hunt but with monsters and you could fight ya know say goliath vs kraken. Or something I think that would be very cool to have a monster vs monster mode. What do you guys think?


I’d love to have it, but balancing would be damn near impossible, so I wouldn’t count on it :confused:


Besides all the monsters’ abilities are tailored to the hunters, for example: Wraith isn’t going to abduct a Behemoth. Nor is the Behemoth going to tongue grab the Kraken. It just wouldn’t work out due to health and armor etc.


Match starts: Kraken finds other monster, pounces. GG.