Rockwall hole question


behemoth rockwall holes are not part of the game right?

cause i havnt heard anything about a fix or anything at all and i dont know if some ppl are trolling, but alot of ppl/trolls said its part of it?

sorry i dont know what to believe anymore since monsters are struggling at the moment soo i am actually starting to believe that its part of it >.>


It’s only supposed to if behemoth is standing over where it would be cast as well as large wildlife I believe.


have the devs atleast attempted to fix it? cause as of this moment bullets stop the wall from forming >.>


You’re kidding, right?


Yeah, it’s called comically exaggeration to prove a point. :wink:

As far as I know, Daisy causing holes in the rock wall is something that will never be fixed, because it would require an entirely new set of animations.
Regular trapjaws have a knockback animation, but to save time they didn’t give them a “get back up” one and instead let them instantly die when they hit the ground. And since they don’t want Daisy to instantly die, as she is considered a hunter, they just disabled the knockback animation on her. But since tongue grab and rock wall was added later and they relie on the knockback system to push creatures and hunters out of the way(rock wall) and towards Behemoth (tongue grab), they do not affect Daisy.


Yeah, it has gotten better these past micropatches. PC got another tweak on this in the patch last week. Consoles have to wait for this until the next titleupdate which shouldn’t be too far off now. Haven’t played Behemoth with the latest patch yet though to see if it is actually consistent now.