Rockwall didnt get larger?


I’m not sure if its just me but god i hope not, I have been testing behemoth out after the micro patch along with some other behemoth players i know of and unfortunately none of us are noticing the 50 percent increase in width to behemoths level 1 rockwall


They said it got larger, not sure. I don’t play him.


after some extensive testing of lvl 1 rock wall in caves i can see it seems to be slightly larger but i still don’t feel its 50 percent larger if anyone has some insight into this it would be most appreciated.


it is massively larger, of course if you use it in caves it doesn’t matter if it’s bigger because you can fill the whole cave anyways. If it is in the open it is significantly wider, as before it barely was wider than behemoth himself.


If you play behe more enough ( pre patch ), the wall barely cover enough, at most the size of himself, its really small. Sometimes i do have to put 2 points into it, just to get the extra width.


I played him alot and it was allways 3 blocks wide so i expected it to be about 5 blocks wide being 50 percent bigger, they just made the 3 pillars wider so its a bit hard to notice


Well before level 1 rock wall was about the same width as Behemoth so now its about 1.5 times bigger and i think it was mroe to make up for when you would throw it up and you’d have 2 pillars that did nothing to protect you since it only took about 3 steps to get aorund it


Figured out why i didn’t feel it was larger, for what ever reason my evolve allowed me to play, yet it was only half updated and his wall was in fact still the same size. Easy to see the difference now. Like night and day so apparently bug resolved itself thank you for all the comments upon this.


I feel like it got bigger.


yeah it’s gotten larger, its pretty cool how the hemoth can still climb it