RockWall bugs more frequent after patch?


Now, maybe I’m just suddenly getting very unlucky, but since the micropatch which was supposed to resolve some of the rockwall issues I’ve been getting a lot more problems with rockwall than before.

Pre-patch I would get the occasional slab of rock missing from the wall every now and then, which wasn’t a problem, but now I’m frequently having problems with huge sections of the rockwall crumbling, when I don’t think that it should be, and a couple of occasions where it hasn’t even deployed at all.
I’ve included a few clips of instances where I’ve actually thought to record it after it happened.

In the last clip there I think, looking back that I may have deployed it a little to close to myself, but in all the other clips it doesn’t seem like it should be crumbling like it is.
Has anyone else been experiencing more bugginess with the rockwall since the micropatch? Or am I just suddenly getting severely unlucky?


Rockwall is a pain, try to use other abilities if possible. Either that, or try to avoid landscapes that mess up the wall for now.


I do, but I regularly get near enough the entire wall crumbling on clear open terrain where you would think it would be fine.

I don’t rely on rockwall so much that it’s a major problem, but it has cost me a couple of bars of health in those tight moments when i assume it will work as there’s nothing to block it.


I think it is worse now that it’s larger honestly - the sections are bigger and more likely not to spawn if there is any dust particle or anything in the way. I was watching some people streaming as they elited him and Rock Wall was basically a Rock Door.


I’ve found that if you cast it too close to you (about the distance you are right now) it will cause issues spawning certain bits of the wall. Try casting the wall a bit further away from your model…I have tried this and have had a much better time with the ability.

I do think it is kind of lame how you have to cast it at a certain, oftentimes uncomfortable, distance from the monster.

Hope that helps! :smile:


I have plenty of success doing it this close to myself, just having a lot of problems now since the micropatch