Rock (Wall) Lobster


B-52s references aside, I think one main reason people don’t win with Behemoth more often is because they don’t know how to use Rock Wall most effectively. I found it to be a powerful tool in Hunt, because I’ve utilized it in one way that maybe some people have discovered, or not, I don’t know: to defend yourself from attacks when wailing on the Power Relay.

On more than one occasion, in order to win the game as Behemoth against (who I perceive to be) expert players, I’ve used the Rock Wall to shield myself from damage while I mash on the Power Relay. If you place it just right, you’ll basically get free damage on the Relay as the hunters either have to go around or wait for it to come down. If they happen to be split up, well, you’ll only have to deal with the split hunters anyway as you can basically use the Relay as a…second wall, I guess? So you’re not flanked? I hope that makes sense. And if they happen to have Cabot, well, Rock Wall is still useful in this regard as Cabot doesn’t have a clear shot. (Unless you’re dust-tagged.)

I’ve won more than one match using this tactic. I know when I was on @MaddCow 's stream earlier he wondered why I put so many points into Rock Wall. It’s because Rock Wall is more useful than one might think, at least in Hunt. Arena, maybe not so much, but in there I picked it high because of force of habit. It helped me get to Stage 3 in the Arena, at any rate, and @MaddCow can vouch for that. :wink:

If anyone wants video of me using the tactic I described to destroy the Relay, I can make one, as I captured footage of me doing so. I just gotta put it together.


I came here for Behemoth doing some funky moves. Very disappointed.


Some people don’t like Rw because it can bug out and have gaps. Making the wall useless. I do agree though that it’s an important move,


I personally haven’t found any issues with it. Maybe it’s either because I know how to put one down, or I’m just lucky…


RW is my favorite Bob move.

Yes, effective strategy. In fact, I think it’s the most popular for killing Relays.

Glad I see others that love Bob, though. He’s my favorite Monster.


It also depends on your environment and the hunters.

They can stand where it forms so that they could creat the gap to shoot you. Same goes for wildlife.

And then there’s small obstacles in the terrain that can do the same. Like in the tutorial video for Behemoth.


Lol this tactic is definitely known friend, I can guarantee you that.

No offense to you or anything, because I’m sure the devs thought about this before implementing it, but I think it’s a bit cheesy IMO. As a monster main, I take pride in battle prowess and resorting to this tactic seems… less than fair for hunters. But I mean, good Hunters can probably counter this by now.

However, some relay designs are pretty exploitable with this tactic of Behemoths and as such I think it’s not as respectable. To each their own however, Behemoth has always struggled against hunters and I for one rarely play him.

PS: Great topic title, gave me a laugh


Just as a heads up some people will come in here angry at the tactic.

They feel it is very cheesy, especially if you Flee til 3 and use this tactic.

I fought someone the other day who did this with a pack of randoms and while we had already lost the idea of the tactic came very clear to me as cheesy.

It’s smart of course but even as a Monster Player I despise this tactic.


I honestly had no idea of this tactic’s notoriety. No one’s ever complained to me about using it.

That being said, I’m not using it as a crutch. I can hold my own as Behemoth, and I know how to use Rock Wall in other ways besides this.


Not saying that you don’t know how to properly use him but if at all possible I would suggest avoiding its usage. For two reasons really. First, so you don’t pass it on to others (particularly randoms) so as to avoid the spread of this uh… “sickly” playstyle. Second, to avoid all the complaints you’ll get when this tactic catches on.

Many people really dislike this tactic.


Simply put, Screw them.

If it works on them it’s because they are trying to fight on THEIR terms and not being near the relay.

That, to me, is VERY cheesy and annoys the POOP out of me while playing evolve. Monster gets tier three, monster SHOULD have the advantage.


Thing is though… a lot of people do fight near the Relay…


So why are they losing to the behemoth using wall and hitting it…? o.0


Only trouble is them getting to S3 fairly. (well, fairly in the eyes of the Hunters)


Egad. I’m beginning to regret even creating this thread. Geez, people, I had no idea this was going to be such a hot topic.

Also, to be honest, if I can’t use all of Behemoth’s tools without angering people, then I don’t see why I should play him at all. Maybe I’ll stick to the Kraken.


That doesn’t sound like what we’re talking about at all… This entire post is about using rockwall to kill the generator as a tactic; Maybe I missunderstood something?


Because 3 points in rock wall creates a 180ish degree half-circle around the Behemoth and Relay and it makes it near impossible to keep the Behemoth from hitting the Relay unless you have a Cabot (who can very easily hit a fat Monster in front of the Purple Icon that is the Relay). Sure you can get in Behemoth’s face but then he throws up a wall and then it’s just you and him and being in his face alone in a corner equals a very bad time.


Play him. Love him. Enjoy him.


It takes 45+ seconds to kill the relay, even uninterrupted. How low is people’s damage? And are we assuming they had no damage on the behe ahead of time at that point?
Sounds to me like they had already lost the game.

Not to mention area denial abilities.


No, not really. It is just that Hunters see destroying the Generator as cheese, and don’t like people who also FT3. Combined, he’d get a lot of salt.


No you can use him as intended but I highly doubt TRS was thinking “Let’s make it so Behemoth Players can get constant free hits on the Relay with Hunters not having any real way to counter it besides facetanking this building sized brute!”