Rock Wall is useless vs meta medic


Caira can heal through it. Barely a point of breaking LoS, unless there are beams (shield,jetpack,Val)


That sounds more like a bug than anything else. I don’t see how she could heal someone through a solid concrete wall.


Caira s healing grenades ignore physics. They heal hack through objects.


AoE doesn’t get blocked by walls. Same can be said for Goliath’s fire breath going through hills and walls.


I’ve actually seen this too. I wonder if this is intentional or if the healing field is clipping through objects.


That’s weird. You’d think that a solid object would block FIRE, but oh well.



Nah its future fire.

Future fire can go through walls.

Not like boring old present-day Fire.


Consistency is a word TRS does not understand.


Actually it’s just game mechanics.

remember there are other things, even on the monster side of things. that has an AoE clip through basic objects or structures - and without it, it would be way too easy to avoid everything as a hunter.

This is also one of the main reasons why Caira is the best medic competitively atm.

  • standing behind a corner but not too far from it? np - caira can heal you by shooting AT the corner.
  • standing on a pillar with caira down below? she doesnt have to hit YOU or do a mortar grenade that miraculously lands ontop of the pillar - she can just lob grenades not too far from the edge of the pilalr your on, and voila. you’re healed.


You got ninja’d, bro.


It’s the same with vortex from Kraken as well as rock throw from Goliath and more. Ever stayed behind a wall because you know there is a vortex coming? If it’s close enough the vortex will hit you through the wall. Same with rock throw, even if you hide behind a rock, the area of effect goes through the physics and hits you. So if you want Caira changes, monster changes will occur too.


Last time I tested it, a few days ago, Goliath’s flame breath did not go through a very thin wall (one of the hunter-height protrusions around the relay of medlab). Val kept playing ring-around-the-rosey with me with it, and I just couldn’t light that last sliver of health on fire for awhile…

On that note, rock throw also did not destroy her through the wall. Maybe some walls are “wallier” than other walls though.


If you sneak attack the person behind the wall Caira will struggle to keep them alive, but I do think it’s a little frustrating that Caira can heal through it. I wouldn’t say it’s completely useless against her though, it still has a lot of other uses.

Daisy on the other hand is a complete rock block, if she’s anywhere near you and you try to get the wall up she’ll cause it to have a gap, meaning you can’t have that precious alone time with that one Hunter you want to kill :daisy:


Same thing with Vortex clipping through walls, and carrying you away.


Much like weeds, small rocks, and some dust particles - almost everything really, especially now that it’s larger and entire segments seem a lot less likely to spawn. I’ve seen a lot more Rock Doors since the patch.