Rock wall is just like aftershock

You either max it or don’t use it at all

Nah, since the Bob buff even a Lvl 1 rock wall is viable, although nothing beats the circumference of a Lvl3, that thing is beastly…


I love to use Rock Wall 2 or 3 most when I’m at stage 3 and the hunter/s left over are running from me. I just start destroying the generator and when they shoot, Rock Wall and keep on going.

I will say though, I don’t think I’ve ever used Rock Wall at level 1. It just… doesn’t seem worth it being that small.

I think lvl 2 wall is actually pretty good now since they rescaled the width on it.

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Before I started using it for damage I would take one point in AS to clear traps, turrets and mines.

A level 1 rock wall can block off a tunnel. Taking it depends on the map.



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I have never understood that “joke.” ^.-

As for the topic at hand- Rock Wall at level 3 is kind of useless. Level 2 Rock Wall is pretty amazing, Level 1 is still useful.

My normal load-out for stage 1 is one point in Lava Bomb, Fissure, and Rock Wall. Even a level 1 Rock Wall gives decent cover and can be useful. It’s not an 'all-purpose-tool", but it can come in extremely handy.