Rock wall Guilt


I’ve done this twice and I felt guilty both times. It was once on Distillery and the other I think was Med lab. Stage 3 Behemoth 3 in lava, 3 in fissure, 2 tongue grab and 1 in rock wall.

I fight the hunters and the last one runs. I go looking for him but I can’t find him. It’s time to hit the relay.

Hunter comes and shoots me off. I go to fight they go running off again. I go back to the relay hunter shows up. same thing happens.

On the third time I go back to the relay and the rest of the group will be back soon. Now this time, instead of chasing the last hunter as he shoots me I just rock wall and finish the relay.

I win. The question is should I feel bad about finishing the game with a tactic that is considered “Cheesy?”


Nah. If you FT3, and then do this to win, without even trying to fight, then it’s cheesy.


This is ultimate cheese.


No, if you constantly throw the wall up then yes its not really sporty, but since they keep running, behemoth has no chance at catching.


I don’t flee. I fight. Sometimes too much. Once I’m in I get that tunnel vision and don’t come out of it until I have one bar of health left.


On Distillery the hunter stood outside of me smell range and shot so there was no way I was gonna catch that one.


Personally I wouldn’t feel good on a relay win, I told myself that I would never destroy the relay, and to this day I have not.

There are a number of variables that would change my mind though, for example, are you almost dead? Are the hunters using the “Cancer Comp”? Are these really bad players, good players?

There are many more threads about “Cheesing the relay”, asking about if it is right to do or not. and 95% of the time they say it is unsportsmanlike.


A relay win is fine in my book. Sometimes you get tired of chasing down hunters, I understand.


No, take pride in that victory, relay wins are my favorites because of the kickass win animations. Normally, I’d scold you for rock walling the relay, but the hunter wasn’t fighting you with honor, so a rock wall relay win is perfectly ok in this scenario :smiley:


Sucks cause you could of just rolled him to death… Sir you have not disgraced yourself


I can’t remember what comps I had faced, but if they were bad players or a bunch of determining ranks I would have given them a second chance.

Thanks for everyone’s opinion. I try to play fair. Glad to know I wasn’t being a jerk


No you shouldn’t feel bad, because ultimately you’re fighting cheese with cheese.


It’s no different than when hunters pick chase/cancer comp, murder buffs so you can’t have them, or sit and turtle around small buildings/pillars making it extremely difficult for the monster to win. It’s just tactics and all is fair. If that hunter wants to stop you from pounding the relay, get closer. If they die, then well, should have played better and not had the rest of your team go down.


I don’t like destroying the relay, but if I get all but one down at relay, I won’t risk running after him for two minutes and them respawning to slaughter me. Chances are, I’ve got no armor and maybe two or three bars of health, because I’m a shit Monster player, and am not gonna pin winning or losing on me being able to chase and catch the (probably cloaked) Hunter.

If they’re cheesing you, go ahead.

Right back at them.


The honorable Judge MEATMAN judges you, on one count of being a scrub Bob:

GUILTY! :wink:

on one count of relay cheese:

Not Guilty!


I’m definitely a scrub Bob. :grin:


So am I! :wink:


Nope. You actually FOUGHT them.

If you had just ignored them and walled, then it would be cheese.

But you didn’t. You fought, killed them down to one and I cannot blame you for taking relay over trying to get some kity fuck as Bob.


Them standing outside of your damage range and shooting you is the same as what you’re doing, they have a long range weapon and they’re making use of it. You have a small, short range shield and you’re making use of it. If It’s frustrating for you when they stand 200M away and prevent you from winning, frustrate them by winning. It’d be different if you walled them off entirely with a S3 RW and chipped away at the relay so you could win, but you had a S1 Rock Wall and it sounds like the relay was already almost destroyed.

You’re fine.


You played good. they tried to beat you with swiss and you dominated with cheddar