Rock Throw of DOOOOOM


that 2 Rock Throws was great xD

if u got some amazing rock throws too just be free and post it here :stuck_out_tongue:


That I believe I can fly crushed my dreams.


That second throw. Talk about DENIED.


How do I upload a video from my xbox clips if it keeps bringing up this message: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extension: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).?


I’ll admit, I lol’d at the “I Belieive I Can Fly” moment.


Damn, that boy got sent flying anyway.


I love when Hunter’s fly over me and I nail them with a rock, they fly up so high. XD
Need to start saving gameplay recordings.


That’s what I call “homerun” on a daily basis. Good job!


One that I can think of that I recently uploaded was this one. Obviously more luck but it worked out pretty nice.
Little hard to see


HaHA!!! That was brilliant. The rock all fell on Slim. XD


You’ll have to upload it to YouTube.


I was on the receiving end of a good rock throw as Lennox:


this is @Torvald_Stavig word


Man, I remember too beeing the victim of those hilarious rock throws.
I was playing as Val and I had two strikes, the Goliath threw a rock to me and I instantly died and it was at this moment that I saw myself flying away at 300 km/h, rotating with the unfolded legs and arms. You can’t understand how much I laughed when I discovered it.
I was like a shooting star.


I once threw a rock straight up and a little while later mid fight landed on the hunter I was focusing. I don’t have footage but it was magical.



That Thunder Strike was so bad ass. XD


Enter your gt and you should find them to share.