Rock throw is broken

I don’t think its cool that at stage 1 goliath can put me at noooo health with 1 rock throw OP

How is this a suggestion?

relax I fixed it

Goliath seems a lot more powerful.

Before he was my worst monster and I struggled with him even against pubs. Now I crush teams with him, sometimes not even taking hp damage (I chalk that up to 20% DR though).

That rock I hit you with on weather control didn’t do that. watch the vod again. you were already missing a chunk of health.

A level 1 rock throw does 678 direct hit damage. Hunters have 1600 health. Granted that the ability can still be dodged or blocked by the assault, I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

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I tried to block a throw earlier today, but the aoe is so large is just hit the person behind me anyway. And because they also changed it to distribute the damage more, it was basically useless.


I’m not talking about a game with u bud

I dont use rock throw on OG but the numbers here seems wrong.

Copy pasted from the patch notes.

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lvl1&2 rock used to do 641 if hit dead on.
Now it does 678. There’s no way anyone can say that damage increase is too much.


What about typing it?
(I’m just joking around, the damage increase really isn’t much)

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Well, they kinda wanted to make blocking it…you know, actually hurt you. Most of the time assaults would do it with their shields and take barely any meaningful damage.

Now jumping in front of the bullet is gonna come with some sort of penalty to you. As in, massive damage even with your shield on.

Rock throw’s radius got buffed along with a change that distributed most of the damage to splash. Now it is a lot easier to land a big damage rock on a target.

Sometimes, the damage goes through a blocking assault. But I actually like that.

yeah they only changed it to more of a Aoe ability than before. It used to be horrid to miss a hunter by centimeters and deal almost no damage for it.

I dont like that hunters can shoot me from outside of my melee and ability range…
So there all OP and junk.
Plez Nerf…

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Yesss nerf Goliath again plz jk jk.

Right? Lmfao
Like a stage one gets 4 points.
If they slam 3 in rock throw cuz they want that stage 3 power behind them throws, then youd better juke your ass off. Cuz if it hits, it hurts.
They gave up 2 other abilities at stage one to so they cld wreck you with it. They deserve it.

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Really? Rock Throw’s OP?

First of it can still be bodyblocked unless Goliath’s very very close to the person being focused and if they have no fuel to dodge it, they have failed as a hunter and an incap should happen.

It’s still more than possible to dodge even at S3.

And its damage is barely higher than before. 680-ish. That’s not OP.

I instinctively tried to eat a rock for the support earlier, Big mistake! the splash damage went through me as the rock threw me into him.

So you can’t block it if the Goliath and their intended target is already close enough, if they’re far off (like I’ve learned) you can still block it off you’re willing to take the damage.