Rock JumpSmash?


So i found when playing the Beta i could press both buttons at the same time for rock throw and jump smash, It enabled my to jump while i had a rock in my hand and throw it when i smashed the ground.

Is this a bug or working as intended?


I don’t think that is supposed to happen, no…


…Why did you only mention it now? :wink: Suspicious…

Anyway, was it actually useful, or hard to do, or anything?


Yeah I’m gonna agree with @MrTalha that sounds like a bug.


It Sounds buggy.


Got a video clip because I would like to see that.


Surprisingly easy. Just click both bumpers at once and you have the magical holding rock, flying Goliath.

Also no sorry i do not record my games. So no video :frowning:


I recall hearing this same thing after the alpha. Could have sworn they fixed it.


lmfao! thats hilarious, I wanna see a clip of that!


I was able to to do this during the beta a couple of times. Looks really hilarious flying through the air with a giant boulder hoisted over your head. I hope it gets fixed because I know if i could master this move then it would mean some serious pain for the hunters if you could land both at the same time.


Ehh, I don’t believe it should.


Guys… What if every monster has abilities like this and we just didn’t know because we never tried it…

Lightning Aftershock…

Abduction Warpblast…

Tongue Grab Rockwall…


A move like that would be a bug. They removed being able to strike while dealing fire breath for this reason…too OP. One ability cancels out another, which is how it should be working. I’m going to have to test this for myself…

Ok, I tried it several times in the preview/press build. I could not do a combo move between rock throw and leap smash by pressing both keys together. I always initiated rock throw.


I saw it happen on one of the twitch-streams yesterday
but they do have the press-release version which is an older build…


Thats sad i was hoping it to still be in when the game was realised. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you playing on Xbox one, Mostly because i played on it and it was quite easy to press both buttons at once to activate the “combo move”


Naw, I’ve got PC. I will bring this up to others though and see if they can do the move.