Robots, Disco, AND Dodgeball?!


Hey I just wanted to try and spread the word of this game for it seems to be lacking players. Would anyone like to join me in some Dodgeball? This game is actually very good. The gameplay is highly competitive and the music isn’t half bad.

I’d love to see more people on this game. Please give it a try :3

By the way, I’ll add ya on steam if you want to play with me. Just Private Message me :slight_smile:


Saw Jackseticeye play this. Looks really fun, but sadly I’m poor and have shit internet. Same reason I don’t play Rocket League.


Aw that sucks :frowning:

I wished you wouldn’t have to miss out on this title. It’s only $8 (at least last time I checked) and well worth the price :slight_smile:


I’m moving after Summer is over, so I’ll probably have some time to play my online-enabled games, and I’ll certainly be wading into multiplayer waters for the first time since my Runescape account in like '04.


Dang O,o

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I shall have to check this out.


Definitely :smiley:

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