Robot Wars is returning to British TV! (And I won't be there to see it D: )


Honestly. That show was my chiiiiiiildhood. And recently thanks to friends of mine on Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of articles popping up about Robot Wars coming back. They say they’ll be airing on BBC 2, so, for those of you who loved said show, and live in the UK, dis is fo’ you.

That being said, just as a little side question. What were your favourite house robots? (House robots were the robots from the show added into the pit as obstacles.) I personally loved Matilda.


Seriously? I absolutely loved that programme. I had the games and everything too. Thanks for letting us know. :grinning:


Me and my brother had that little robot wars arena thing, it was amazing!


Fun fact, Roadblock was made at my secondary school, led by one of my form tutors, our Systems & Control teacher :smiley:


I had Robot Wars Extreme Destruction on Original Xbox. That was one of my favourite childhood games. Still have it. :smile:


That’s pretty damn cool. I always wanted to build a robot for it, but I think just about every child wanted to. :smile:


I’ve never seen this…


Are you from the UK? Cause I’m pretty sure it’s only in the UK. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, USA. Was it not on BBC America?


I doubt it, that show was back in the late 90s I think?



So they had a US thing but it wasn’t this specifically.


In the States, myself, but am intrigued. I like robots.


Oh man I loved this show back in the day. This is great news


I’m in America and I used to watch Robot Wars. It was on PBS or something and it was awesome!

I think I liked Sir Killalot and Shunt the best. Simply because hearing the English say “shunt” is entertaining.


I’m hyped. I love Robot Wars, but if Craig Charles isn’t presenting it, it’ll be trash. Probably.

EDIT: My favourite house robot was Sgt. Bash. He was pretty fucking cool!


It wouldn’t be the same without him at all. I hope he is going to be hosting it, but if he isn’t then we’ll have to wait and see what it’s like.


I dunno, he basically made the show. That and Takeshi’s Castle. Aww damn those take me back.


Loved this show back in the day. I just hope the quality of robots has moved on because the american robot war shows has some very impressive ones.


Remember that show when I was a wee child,I’d love that to come back as there’s too much trash nowadays on TV.

Could you imagine the technology of today’s robot machine would be on there lol

Meanwhile we have trashy X-factor,big brother,take me out to contend with