Please people play Robocraft, and create ultimate death robots with me!!!

Completely Free to Play


Hilarity ensues!

That’s an actual ‘working’ robot… lol


Awesome game. Have been participating in Alpha! :smile:


Oh I just started you’d probably pwn me, but if u want to add me on steam we can platoon in a lower tier (I’m on tier 3) if you’re willing to make a robot for that tier.

And anyone else that possibly reads this… you can always join us!


Shame you’re on US times! We probably never be able to catch up! :frowning:


We’re talking now though?


Yes, we’re! But I’ve left game for some time now. You could go to the game’s forums on Steam and find people playing game there! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have ppl to play with , it was open connecting with this community and playing together silly.