Robo Hunter's Concept


##RAD-R - Locate and Tracker Unit##
Edit: Alright, so after afew minutes of thinking and reading the replies below, I’ve changed this Hunter slightly. I do apologize, I hadn’t thought there was an already long-range long-time tracker type Trapper released, so I’m going to have to redo my concept for Radar. My main concern while making his abilities rely on each other were to not make a super-long time tracker be “overpowered”. Here is the revised version of Rad-R the Robo Trapper.

To be honest, I was simply just bored and decided to make a few concepts for characters. Just graduated from Game Design and Programming, so I thought I would go ahead and have a little fun making up a few characters. Bucket as the support is the main inspiration I’ve taken into creating these characters. Imagine, an Army of Robots, no more unnecessary casualties with these monsters, no more deaths, all it would cast for exploration is Metal and Oil instead of Flesh and Blood.

RAD-R was originally a long time short range tracker unit, however now that I’ve watched some gameplay of Abe, I think I know why the people who commented already said what they said. I’ve changed RAD-R’s design to more of a Sonar seeker unite that can help track the Monster after finding him with his Sonar Device. I hope this time, RAD-R’s ability set makes him unique enough, yet balanced enough, to be taken seriously.

RAD-R’s first ability is the Sonar Lock-On ability. The ability acts similar to the Monsters ‘Scent’ ability, releasing a Pulse for RAD-R to see the surrounding area. The Pulse can only be seen by RAD-R, but it highlights every creature in the area, including the Monster. If RAD-R locates the Monster with this ability, it will lock onto the Monster with a [< >] icon that surrounds it, but only if RAD-R is able to Ping the Monster during the Sonar Lock-On duration (5~ish seconds?). The Icon lasts for roughly 30 Seconds, and only relies on the RAD-R’s ability to Lock On to the Monster during one of his Sonar Blasts. While the Monster is “Locked On”, other Hunters will see the [< >] Icon on their Screen, additionally, RAD-R’s Main Weapon has a Special Ability while the monster is “Locked On”.

RAD-R’s second ability is inspired by one of the games I’ve played while in class. The Game has many Snares and Traps and Slows, but one of the most annoying Controls that were used were focused on the users Controls and Vision. RAD-R’s second ability is called Electro-Sensory Scramble, which allows RAD-R to shoot a Mini Grenade at a location. A Direct hit on the Monster will Scramble the monsters senses, making its vision fuzzy for a few seconds (5-10?), but also negating its scent ability for 10-20ish seconds. This scrambles the Monsters ability to See. While arguably it doesn’t Trap the monster like Harpoons, or Slows the monster like Abe’s Stasis Grenades, Blinding the creature has a massive advantage, from disrupting its attack to allowing the Hunters to run away if need be.

RAD-R’s Main Weapon is a Tracer Bullet. While these bullets are low damage, they deal ‘pierce’ damage to a Monster with armor. A Tracer Bullet deals 0.1% of the Damage Dealt to the monster’s Health (1/100ths of the Damage RAD-R’s bullet deals) while the Monster has Armor. While this weapon is Low-Damage, what truly shines is its ability to Track the monster if RAD-R is “Locked On” If the monster is within 300 Units and RAD-R has the [< >] tag on the monster (and so long as he is aiming in the general direction), the Tracer Bullets auto-hit the monster. Obvious restrictions apply, as the monster must be at least on screen for RAD-R to shoot at it. While this weapon Seems weak, the ability to Deal Health Damage to the monster (no matter how minimal the damage seems), and the ability to Auto-Hit the monster if RAD-R is “Locked On”, this leads to a potential powerful Trapper. This Attack has low Damage per second.

Like all Trappers, Radar has the Mobile Arena arena ability.


Alright, so my main question is this : Abe basically already has his tracking darts, which last like 45 seconds and are easily reapplied. He’s also got a stronger gun ( well, maybe ) and a decent slow. So what’s my reasoning to pick Radar over Abe?


The fact that Lock On can’t be used unless Echo Pulse is used which already has a short range make this Hunter really lacking, having one ability completely reliant on another makes his kit severely gimped. I’m also skeptical with his Main weapon, having a mechanic that deals half damage to health is too big of a cost because you want to do as much damage to the Monster’s HP as possible.

As mentioned before Abe can put tracking darts on the Monster with better range, spammable and lasts a long time.


Honestly? I only know a lot about Maggie and Griff. I was thinking the [<>] Icon would last a Minute or so, an eternity almost in an Arena game like this, I never seen Abe in Action to be honest. I guess the nich Radar has is his Radar ability, but that’s focused around him. xD

I’ll have to look at Abe before I edit the character around. Sorry ^^;


I’ve Adjusted the Abilities Slightly. Echo Sonar and Lock On are now the same Ability. I’ve also given him a new Ability called Sensory Scramble (Blinds the Monster with a fuzzy screen and nullifes it’s “Smell” sense for 5-10 seconds), and changed his Gun to a Weak Full Auto Rifle that has a very small “Peirce” effect with an Auto hit ability if the Monster is “Locked On” and can be seen by RAD-R (Line of Sight required).


TRS probably wouldn’t approve of sensory scramble, they have mentioned that they don’t want a gun or ability to completely counter another, even though markov’s lightning gun pretty much makes The Kraken’s banshee mines useless. This particular skill may borderline TRS response No-Counter policy.


Say what? As Markov, there’s almost nothing more annoying than Banshee mines. You’re trying to deal out some pain when good sir kraken here decides to pop a couple of Banshee mines and divert your lightning towards them instead of itself.


Iunno, I never had problems with Markov and banshee mines during the big alpha. You just gotta place them using TF2 demoman logic instead of just shooting them straight at him.


As far as i understand it, The damage doesn’t get split between targets It still deals full damage to every single target the lightning hits If your on the kraken and the lightning gun is active the second the kraken pops a mine it’s gone.

@SpookedNomad Unless the mines are placed Hella far apart, 1 second of a lightning gun finshes them off before they do any damage. rendering them a minor problem in the hands of a good markov. a good kraken could still utilize them how ever, by staying out of the range of lightning gun and forcing him to use the assault rifle or waiting until he has to recharge it.


Ah, yes that’s correct. But if you can manage to pop them before Markov gets in range or during the 7-8 seconds it takes to recharge, they still work pretty darn good. :smile: