ROAR! Monster taunt


During the Alpha I got to play around 40 hours of this awesome game. Most of my time I spent as the Goliath hunting down the “hunters”. I loved to juke the hunters and move silently. I would then level up to level 3 and then go on a full rampage. It was perfect and I loved every minute of it. It became even greater fun when the hunters slowly started to learn how to play the game. It got more challenging but at the same time more fun.

When you play as the monster you get stronger by evolving, like everybody probably knows already at this point. The monster is at it’s peak on stage 3 evolution and is almost unstoppable. Whenever I got to stage 3 I knew I had pretty much won the match at that point and I just wanted to make it clear to the hunters that they are doomed. That got me thinking what about if there was a way to do that? What I mean is that could there be a taunt for the monster that allowed the player just roar really loud. With “loud” I mean shaking the heavens and hells loud. The roar could be heard all around the map and some of the wildlife would go to a panic. Birds would starts flying and such. It wouldn’t make the monster any more powerfull or anything just a way to tell to the hunters that “I am coming and you are dead”.

The roar surely would reveal your position, but why would you care, you are on STAGE 3 FOR HEAVENS SAKE! You have no need to hide anymore! Maybe not anything player activated, maybe just as a roar when you evolve to stage 3 or something.
I know this feature wouldn’t affect gameplay too much and thus is not important, but it is something that I’d like to see added to the game.

So here is my little idea and now I’d like to know what you guys here at forums think about it.
I hope I explained myself well enough. Feel free to ask any questions you got about this topic.

Some small ideas for a new update

Ironically enough, I disliked going to stage 3. I felt that stage 2 was enough to close out the games and stage 3 gives them more of an excuse to turtle. Against the average player, I found that they tend to turtle better than hunt. So while I was at stage 2, I was in control of the map and locations for fighting them on my terms as well as use hostile wildlife to my advantage :slight_smile: Long story short, I’m not in favor nor opposed to a taunt right now if you couldn’t spam it. However, I would LOVE for some much better chatter among the hunters when I eat one of their companions.

“Holy shit! Did you see that? Maggie just got swallowed whole!” Of course, they might not have this in the game for the very same reason they don’t really explain the respawn system :stuck_out_tongue:


Stop posting on the forums and make me more laz video’s you.


True… most of the time I would just go 1v4 on stage 2… infact I have never been defeated as Goliath.

I am sure that as the time goes by and possible ballance updates roll in aaand once the hunters get better at the game it will get more challenging.

Maybe then you want to get to stage 3 and roar a little :smile:


Convince TRS to send me an invite to playtest with them and I’ll be happy to do that for you :smiley:


Roar? great idea. With a considerable high cooldown to prevent annoying spammers it could help a lot to create that monster atmosphere.


In the past I have asked for a L4D-style voice command system for hunters and monster. Sometimes hunter players really don’t feel like talking to each other in favor of having the characters do it for them. Sometimes the characters can be quite hilarious (who could forget Ellis?). Having that sort of functionality in Evolve would be great! It certainly would be hilarious to have Goliath laugh as a hunter accidentally steps into a carnivorous plant as happened in a couple alpha fights!


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I would love Roar :goliath_roar: Taunt
You can already Roar as Goliath in Evolve.
Its not official taunt but when you evolve you roar for 2 sec i belive.
I think all the hunters can hear it.


True you do roar when you evolve… but I think the roar isn’t loud enough. Like I want it to be reaaaally loud. Something you would hear in some monster movies? nothing particular comes in my mind though… but the type of roar that even without seeing the monster you know its big… really BIG and you are in a trouble type of roar… you know…


Yeh exactly something like that! Just for fun and for the sake of monster immersion.


I hope we gat somethink like that :slight_smile:


While not really a roar, I once fought a Goliath that did something similiar to a taunt:

It was one Dam. We saw the monster standing on the high ground. Stage 2 and fully armored, he was waiting for us…

He breathed fire high into the air, followed by a leap smash towards us. 'Mobile Arena up! shouted the trapper. ‘Here we go…’ I thought.


That in fact is something I used to do, but there are few problems with that. First of all doing that putts your Fire Breath ability on cooldown which is not nice. Second of all the hunters have to be able to see the monster. One of my points was that the roar could be heard all around the map even from other side of the map. Another point I had was that just the sound of roar is enough to make the hunters piss their pants.

But yes you can use the Fire Breath to taunt the hunters and it sure does look badass.