Roar ideas: Post inspirations for new Monster sounds


Post any sounds, real or fictional, that you think could be a good basis for an Evolve Monster roar.

Every Monster sounds different, and their roar is very important to their identity.

The Parasite Queen from Metroid has a great war for a heavy female Monster: good contrast to Wraith’s soft, raspy cry.

I absolutely love Lavos’s droning roar from Chrono Trigger, though with Behemoth I don’t think a fitting Monster has a slot in Evolve.


As soon as i heard about the potential for a fungus monster, the first thing I thought of was this;
A nasty monster monster needs an equally nasty roar, and I feel this would suit the role perfectly.


Quite creepy and fitting!


I wish there was a type of roar system to let the hunters know where you are. When I want them to come to me for an ambush I sometimes breathe fire straight up or something. Set off birds, I don’t know.


When he bursts from inside the hand. Plus the clicking is always nice


Please make a hyena sound for the monsters to add insult to injury for every missed dome. I don’t really care what trolly wildlife sound you take.



Sounds a lot like the Wraith, honestly.


Well, i wasn’t able to find the true xenomorph ‘‘screech’’ that makes our blood start racing, unfortunadely.