Roam mode for Monsters (and Hunters... if you must =])


Greetings, all!

I have one big question: Why isn’t there a roam mode in this game?

The reason I ask -
I’m a fairly inexperienced player in the FPS realm. I bought this game because I thought playing as the monster would be really cool. And it is… but…

The world is the monster’s natural habitat. It spent its entire life stalking, and preying, and learning every outcrop of climbable rock. Before humans arrived, it was king…(ish)

From what I’ve seen so far, playing the hunters is a fairly standard affair, FPS-games-wise. Playing the monster, on the other hand, especially against four people, is a completely different mechanic that, I feel, can’t truly be learned and internalized while always being on the defensive.

This was first suggested by someone else back in August (I'd really like to see a free roam mode) and hints were dropped that this may be coming … but it never did, I guess…


A roaming mode would not be difficult to create. It can be as simple as a check box of “no hunters” (or “no monster” for whose playing humans) in the Solo custom game selection… and then just have them not show up.


Who else wants an exploration mode?

So what exactly would the Monster do in this proposed Roam Mode? Practice their abilities against wildlife etc? I can dig this, really getting to know the Monster’s strengths without being disturbed by the Hunters. I myself am a very quickly adapting player so things like this come naturally to me but I can definitely see the appeal.


Sounds really cool.


Yup. Exactly.
Just ‘living’ as a Monster in its natural environment.


Would be perfect with some The Lion Sleeps Tonight playing in the background.


Not bashing the roaming idea - just pointing out it is hinted in the game many times that the monsters are not native to shear :smile:


True… but some of them still, surely, roam in forests where there are no people =]


Indeed, they definitely seem well adjusted to Shear so their homeworld(s) must be similar in many ways. Vegetation, lots of verticality and lots of wildlife to prey upon.


Or they ‘evolve’ and therefore adapt to new environments extremely quickly, meaning they could land on any planet and instantly become adjusted to it :wink:

This is the beauty of a game with no concrete backing it allows us to come up with our own theories and compare


I feel like I’d be trying to narrate like a nat geo documentary the whole gameplay XD

Here we see the wild Goliath in its unnatural habitat… The Goliath was once believed by the native people of Shear to be a fallen demigod, descended from Jupiter after having lain with the warmth of the sun… Truly a remarkable abomination however, the Goliath is not fully understood as to where it truly came from.

Here we see the mighty goliath feasting on a megamouth toad, the frog is usually highly venomous to other predators but due to the fact Goliath is a walking furnace it can quickly break down the toxins and nutrients needed to build armor to its skin… And evolve

A true rare sight to see! The Goliath is now powerlifting boulders, meaning it is now looking for a mate, wait… Nope it just smashed a mammoth bird with it… Hmm awkward


I would like to see it. Let shear be what it was mean to be free!!