Road To Gold - Episode 10! See how far we've come from Bronze Master here!


Hey there Evolve dudes and dudettes!

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted my first post on this forums, it was about my Road To Gold series. As is this post.
It’s been a few months and I think I’ve improved a lot! I’ve met some cool people to play with, and we’ve been ranking up, beating low ranked and high ranked monsters alike. (Along with Obama=Fail, which is ofcourse way more fun then beating just anyone).

Enough rambling, I’m here to invite you to watch the latest episode, with co-commentator and Evolve streamer Simbyneo. Please check it out and tell me what you think, either on here or on the tube!


Thanks for the experience Evolve community :slightly_smiling:.

Episode 11 is now up!: Click This


Hi Nickerdd. I’ll watch the video in a little while, don’t have time at the moment. Would it be easier to keep your links to your episodes in one thread? Just so they’re all in one place so people don’t have to search for several threads to find your videos.

I will watch your video though I swear. :smile:


I got gold after 200 games or so, hope you are having a great time achieving it!


Dude, how XD.
I did about 400 games on PC now, now I’m getting a lot better though.
That profile icon btw, so good.


Hey! good suggestion dude, maybe from now onward, I’ll just update this thread then?
Yea don’t worry, this one is short (6mins) :D.
Thanks a lot!


You do play a really good hyde. Better than me anyway. :smile:

Carry on improving like you have then you’ll reach gold in no time. :wink:


Well yeah… I have 600 games now, used to be gold, now I’m not because of a disconnect.

So technically I’m still gold :wink:

Thanks Torvald is the bomb.


I shall approach you as a Gold, grandmaster Torvald.


Ah, gold hunter; not bad.


Gl in your quest. I believe i ran into your group today. Will definitely check out the channel :slightly_smiling:


Good video, but why does your flamethrower range looks sooo big? O.o me wants too…


Hey there Seeds! Ya we’ve met a lot over last night, think we’ve played about 3-4 games? You were hella good. Thanks! Let me know if you ever want to join the hunt :).


Maybe it was my field of vision? I guess? not sure either. I hope its bigger then normal lol.
Thanks for the compliment!


All good, i was just getting some monster games in XD Havent had much opportunity lately for casual play. Though i’m starting to get more time to play :lazarus_cute: :goliath_roar:


Then me and my buds (and the occasional random) will see you soon Seedsy :goliath_roar:


Episode 11 is up! Link is in the OP :smiley: BTW, we discuss Taylor Swift and music here lol ,check it out.


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