Roaching? What is it


Was just wondering what this tactic was and why is it such raged against tactic.


Do you mean “roaching”?


I too want to know what Reaching is…

If it is Roaching, then it is the tactic of Hunters scattering like Cockroaches, when the light comes on, whenever the fight goes bad. The Monster has to commit to chasing down one, hopefully allowing the others to get far enough away for the Dropship to bring back the dead Hunters.


Like the others above have said, “Roaching”

Everytime Ive heard the term in game its used when a hunter is climbing up/down a wall repeatedly.


@Deity_Pharaoh and @Plaff know this rather well. It’s basically using walks and cliffs to go up in down so that the Monster either stays in one and waits till the Hunter arrives or they try their hardest to get them by moving up and down with them.


I tend to call that “evading the big scary Monster chasing you” lol


Oh I’ve seen that once or twice while playing as monster. Always made me laugh when they take a rock throw against the wall.


It’s instinct I can’t explain it, I just do it. Do what you can to survive, and dodge. I had to keep roaching @Crowdalra because he was focusing me as laz, I can’t explain it, it comes natural.
@Plaff can you explain it


Then they’re doing it wrong. They should be waiting till after the Rock to roach.


If they did that they weren’t roaching efficiently. Crow was throwing all of his abilities at me an didn’t hit me with anything but fire breath .


Yep, had to wait till you got put in the climb animation before leaping or throwing a rock. The firebreath damage though. Not something to take lightly.


Crow with Fire Breath eh?

Man, hunters are getting more and more OP every patch :wink:


Sorry I got it confused with hunters who have no jetpacks climbing a wall.


Glad my heal bursts could deal with it. That was getting intense.


If that leap had actually done knock back I would have won right then, but it didn’t. I went up into the corner and just sat there, waiting for death. It never came.


I’ve always called it the ‘up-and-down-game’


Basically, roaching is doing any and everything you can to survive indefinitely. Go up and down cliff faces, play ring around the rosie with the Monster, run far away when the fight goes bad, etc.

It’s a natural talent I taught myself due to being cursed to suffer pubs until the end of time.

@MaddCow is the one who saw my roaching and the one who taught me the term.


I was gonna say that way back we (being me and my buds) used to call the whole cliff thing skirting (I think it was skirting? Or scaling, or something.) but I suppose skirting is one of the things that come under roaching.