RIP top 50 in behemoth (xbox one)


wins just reset on me, thought this issue was fixed… The game has been out for 2 months now this is very demotivating to keep playing when im trying to climb the leaderboards and doesnt make the game as fun.


Well if it makes you feel any better, the leaderboards are meaningless anyway :smiley:


First post. God damn it.


slowly starting to realize that its just very annoying to be dealing with this issue for 2 months now


Yeah, I just had my Cabot leaderboard reset. I wasn’t super high up or anything, but still to have like 40 wins and now only have 2 is just like wtf really…


I was Number one Val.


Number one Bucket?



Hell no.

Ignore the leader boards. They’re trash. Bugs, exploits, hackers and the like have totally ruined them.


Even going to rank 1 isn’t that amazing. When I go to the leaderboards and see a rank 1 player on a character, I just look at it and wonder how much free time do they have. I don’t acknowledge or respect top players. These top players just love boasting which is kind of laughable since it’s really just a game.


I hate it when people say “I’m number one for Cabot, you’re doing it wrong.” It’s annoying.


2 months after release bugs should not be what’s making the leaderboards “trash”. Hackers are obvious to spot and they are not ruining leaderboards; getting your stats RESET is what’s ruining leaderboards. If they aren’t going to work properly after this long, then just get rid of the damn thing.


The way I see it, with all the resets, if you held you spot once there should be nothing stopping you from attempting to reclaim it. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me it’s not about gaining the #1 spot. It’s to simply keep up with my own progress, but when I get reset I can’t do that


Leaderboards don’t mean a thing. I was top ten on Val for a long time, but that only tells people that I played the game every day since release for a couple weeks. Even though my win rate was higher than everyone above me, I still was hovering around 6 or so because I didn’t have as many losses, meters ran, or time played. I consider myself to be a decent player, but that has nothing to do with the leaderboards.


Leader Boards don’t matter right now, everyone will tell you that much.


Once again, yes leaderboards don’t mean anything for the top 300… But what about the other thousands of players that just like to keep up with their OWN progress?

Leaderboard stats are more than just a #1 spot thing, believe it or not… facepalm


one might say you were only #1 because everyone else got reset too… :wink:


I beat top 2 behemoth because all he knew how to do was roll+heavy hit! he couldn’t even land any other ability besides rockwall. This was with random pugs that were decent but not crazy good. Then we facedtop 150 behemoth who actually used his skills and he destroyed my actual good team. Leaderboards doesn’t mean skill anymore unfortunately…

We made fun of first behemoth and he left because he said he was wasting his time fighting a team that could beat him


I’m number one in my dreams


Once you start playing for a number in your profile, you should reconsider your priorities.


Leaderboards are there for a reason, to keep track of how many games how you won etc. I just got reset and it really fucking sucks.