RIP Hank :(

If they are truly going to nerf hanks shield, then he is of no use, he keeps medics alive and without a good shield your medic is done, and no medic = game over. Not trying to stir up a big argument but I feel it’s not a wise decision to nerf it. Sunny may become #1 support after the nerf, only time will tell. Still love this game but nerfing the shield projector is a bad move IMO! Weight in on it, what do you think?

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Wait until we see the patch notes.
And if your medic is relying your shields, then they are a bad medic. They should be able to help themselves and dodge.


It just happened and we haven’t even experienced it. Don’t be so quick to jump on it and say it’s been overdone.


Keep in mind Hank’s shield capacity wasn’t reduced for no reason, it was because of the changes made to Monster damage. The devs also said there are even more changes to come that we don’t know about yet, so I would wait before making judgement this early.


id like to see a medic survive when completely focused on with no help, would pay to see it. if a monster wants u dead u will be dead!!


Exactly like Plaff @Plaff said… they take everything in account, not just his shields

imo hanks damage is the problem not the shield, sad to hear they nerf the shield.


Honestly if they nerf the Orbital Strikes reload time and Hank’s laser cutters reload, it would be fair

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I think that it’s completely foolish to make a decision on how much a single balance change, out of what looks like a huge range of balance changes from start to finish, is going to have. Monsters will be forced to engage more, trapper domes are faster in coming down, the stage 1 monsters have less armour. It’s pretty fair to make sure they have a chance to get a strike at stage 1, and Hank would never have allowed that to happen in his current form.

TRS want more fights, throughout the match, for a closer more epic end. Hank stopped close fights as he was, and so I look forward to seeing how his changes fit in with the rest of the balance fixes, and am generally excited for the change in direction the game is taking.


The entire game is getting a balance overhaul and you’re singling out one minor change, and you’ve managed to take it completely out of context… And to top it off you then claim a character will be dead based upon conclusion. Not only are you completely mistaken, you couldn’t have possibly been more wrong.

With monster damage getting an overhaul, there is less need for the huge amount of capacity Hank’s shields have. The two need to be on par, or you’ll be shielding more damage than the monster can dish out. Unless that’s what you prefer to call balance?


They made it more fight intensive now

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nerfing his shield is minor? lol tell that to any medic

If they reduce the capacity by 5-10%, yeah. Very minor. That’s like one light attack.

That is approx one melee attack from a stage 1 wraith

Don’t panic! Keep in mind that this is coming along with Monster damage adjustments in the same patch.

Currently on the live game, Hank’s Shield Projector blocks 800 damage, which is equal to a lvl 3 Rock Throw.

The new Hank shield blocks 730 damage and a lvl 3 Rock Throw has also been reduced to 730 damage.

Hope that gives you an idea of how we’re not trying to change Hank so much as keep him balanced as the rest of the game shifts around.


Is that 730 before or after the mastery capacity has been added onto the Projector?

Considering that the entire game balance is getting an overhaul, including monsters… Yes, a minor change.

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That sums up all the confusion!! Thank you!


It’s before, and before rock throw mastery which is also damage IIRC.

It’s Sunny’s shield capacity coming down from 1000?