RIP GhostRobo's dignity


GhostRobo Died as the Behemoth…TO A MAMMOTH BIRD

GhostRobo on the forums
GhostRobo on the forums

Are you expecting anyone to be good at this stage? Only moment where someone was being clever was when they threw the rock wall and went under the hunters.




No, you can’t have the sweets, now go to bed.


:’( y u do dis


Because you’ll wake up in the morning and complain that you feel sick, and I ain’t having that anymore.


Mammoth Bird OP confirmed. Hit it with the nerf bat! Repeatedly! Again! More!


Mammoth bird confirm 5th monster


Well, I’m expecting people to not be murdered by a Mammoth Bird. Especially since GhostRobo is an average and competent Evolve player.


Eh he’s ok, he had a really inflated ego though


Was he talkin’ shit? :laughing:


Haha go watch some of his evolve videos, he always talks about everyone elses mistakes while making literally the noobies mistakes ever
“Haha wow this guy’s getting eaten by a plant”
5 seconds later


Aye he be a real nub. You could say he has a bad Cabot of doing that


disappointed whale noise


I watched some of his early vids. Yeah, he’s a real dick about some stuff, but at least he kind of knows what he’s doing. The other day I fought a level 12 Goliath. Stage 1 Dome, game lasted a minute and fifty-six seconds. He kept trying to rock throw and fire breath us while harpooned in place. Didn’t even go for the poons. Concentrated headshots from all four hunters, Hank’s Orbital, Markov’s Mines, and Val’s weak spots… He didn’t stand a chance.


@Quirkly …plzzzzzzz


Haha true, true, but a bit of humility wouldnt hurt




Y u do dis? :’(


Cuz 10 chars, thats why