RIP finishing an evac, losers keep quitting


Is there a way to make this able to just continue with bots until people fill? I really loathe getting forced back to player searching just because I win a game. I want to keep my progress.

I just had the entire hunter team quit not once, not twice but 3 times in a row after I won a match in evac.

I didn’t pick wraith, I picked goliath. 2 games started fresh, the 3rd was a drop in on a level 1 wounded bot goliath and even with the dream team cabot/abe/parnell/laz all level 40 folks (I’m level 34) they ALL quit after complaining endgame about how goliath firebreath is OP because it shows them in stealth too long.

Can I ever get an evacuation done. The moment I win, especially if I manage to win a nest, its auto quit from the hunters. The mode is unbalanced and favors hunters for the most part so I work hard and strive for my victories. I just want to play all 5 matches, why is that so hard. I can’t even get to play 2 in a row.


I disagree. If anything Hunters control map picks + modes. Both teams being equal the Hunters have a pretty decent advantage in Evac.


that is what I meant, I worded it incorrectly. Yes hunters have advantage. I edited