RIP evolve PC


So depressing… i cant even do quickplay with more then one person

Game is dead for one reason and one reason, only
Why did this game die so fast?

The lack of general information and updates is what is stomping the life out of this game now.

I get that they’re working hard but with a large majority of the game left in the dark and with no promised micropatch or Title Update those on the forums are ditching slowly and then that drives off the others.

All in all, yeah, the game is finally starting to dwindle and I fear it’s taking it’s last breaths in the coming month or so.


What we truly need, is frequent free weekends. I could bring at least 5 of my friends if that happened.

At least maybe once a month would be amazing.

#####To distract us.


Hnnnnnng that is depressing o.O


kinda sucks but it happens


Wow that’s pretty bad :confused:


Hmphn when will that be? After everyone is gone? :sweat:


Sarcastically, haha nice joke.

Seriously, likely. In all honesty they hyped it up to such an absurd degree and then due to the legal issues they failed to deliver. The community knew the act of “New Character = TU” so we knew something was fishy when it didn’t drop with EK. Though now multiple months later not even the promised micropatch.

It’s extremely disappointing and I can understand why everyone seems to be jumping ship.


I wasnt being sarcastic at all


Gonna be completely honest here…

Evolve is almost over.

Now, my post was basically a copy and paste from another persons’ post, but in all seriousness; They always say that “Ohh! Don’t worry guys! The Tu’s gonna bring back people!”

8 Tu’s in, and every update hasn’t brought people in at all

But you see the charts when we had the free weekend? Heaps of people bought the game! Isn’t that telling TRS something!

I’m gonna jump on the other side of the Evolve forums. The criticisers. You know, the ones who have the balls to stand up and say ‘We don’t like this!’. Because honestly, if something doesn’t change, I’m sure the playerbase will be 0, and even if they throw out another DLC, I’m just going to boycott it. Honestly.



They are literally changing things @Parham, and they’re doing it as fast as they can. It doesn’t take “balls” to “stand up” and criticise people out of frustration btw.


Sunday Night, All of steam is showing low player numbers atm. Login servers are having problems. I normally dont respond to these posts, but sometimes people just need to know… Extraneous factors exist…

(People also say Dota/League/ is dead>

Stop with the asinine posts, and wait for Tu9/micro.
@kiNgOwL You have enough people on your friends list… that you’re able to get a game at any point in time :stuck_out_tongue:


Look, it’s one of these threads again :joy:

Yeah, Evolve is lacking in players on the PC, but last I checked, they had the most people sign up for Battlefy on PC. PC Communities are a fickle group, but they tend to have some of the most hardcore players out there. So they have a small but fervent playerbase.

The lack of Updates and Micropatches, coupled with the state of the game might have had some people cool off on the game. But there is plenty to play in the meantime and when the Update comes out, they may very well come back. Sometimes even I take breaks…


The PC population is hanging by a thread, population is barely hanging at 300 (Steam stopped showing population if it drops below 300) this month.

The waiting time even in QuickPlay is depressing that I only play customs now and when that’s not available I go back to playing L4D2, Titanfall or watch My Little Pony. :stuck_out_tongue:

If nothing major happens lately, but by the end of next month the game will be dead on PC. It’s only saving grace will be TU9 and even it will require a massive undertaking on the PR part,


None of this is directed at anyone in particular.

Players act as if they’d be upset if the game dies, and then turn around to say things like -

Not really something that shouts “love for the game”, if you ask me.

People wonder why new players don’t join, but half of the issue is the community. Yes, TRS can be slow with updates. Yes, it has a bad rep of being in a perpetual state of imbalance. However, it’s also us that’s a big problem that nobody takes into account. It’s threads and posts like this that put the game in a bad light more than Evolve’s state of balance. People bicker back and forth about “dead” or “not dead”, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. If you’re gonna play, then play. We KNOW there’s not many people. We don’t need it pointed out every week in a new thread.

If long-time and die-hard players leave permanently out of frustration, why would new people bother picking it up? If players that are tolerant of the game’s quirks suddenly stop playing, it’s got to have done something wrong, right? Stuff like this raises tons of red flags for consumers. Gamers, in particular. Ignoring the constant arguing, toxicity, and general air of dissent this community gives off, the content we post says a lot about what people think of Evolve, and it doesn’t say good things, either. The word “dead” does jack shit to attract players. Just thought I’d relate that point to this thread.

We can “address the problem” and talk about it all day, but that’s all we do, and it usually devolves fairly quickly into slinging insults and derisive comments. Then the thread gets locked and people stay salty. Talking doesn’t solve it. The only thing the community can do to help get players is stop complaining about not having players and play the damn game ourselves. Hell, one could even go so far as to stop posting “Game is dead” topics every time the slot opens up.

“I don’t want the game to die! Oh noes!” ragequits game two weeks later and makes a thread about it “This game is dead.”

Fucking hell.


I love the game and as some of you may know I am still critical about its flaws, I’m not the kind of guy who only views it through rose-tint glasses all while ignoring the flaws of the game.

I’m not hating on the game, I’m just aware of the fact that the game is indeed an the brink of its death.


Oh, neither am I. This game’s pulled a lot of shit I’m less than pleased with, and I point it out when it becomes relevant.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, people feel the need to bring it up all the time and go into rants about how dead it is (or isn’t).

Foreshadowing is fine. Acknowledging is fine. Plastering it across the top of the forums constantly isn’t.

I know I’m coming off hostile and it’s not my intent, so I apologize if my subsequent posts come off this way. I’m just frustrated people actually think it’s a good idea to throw it everywhere.


Your points here are, in my eyes, harsh and misplaced. You’re criticizing and rather insulting us for our actions when we are simply stating that we do not want the game to die in terms of players but it would appear that this is it’s future unless something changes.

When you stated:

followed by two quotes, there is nothing wrong with that. We aren’t “acting as if [we’d] be upset” we are, period, we say that unless TRS does something to fix this then this is exactly how it will play out. I seriously don’t understand what exactly we’ve done wrong by expressing our love for the game and our disappointment on what appears to be the inevitable future

To be fair though, exactly how many players when buying Evolve or any other game will legitimately do research on said game before doing so? Will they flock to the game’s forums and ask questions? Will they research the Developer’s track record? Will they check the reviews?
Not likely, if a consumer wants a game then they’ll likely get the game; if they don’t then they won’t; and if they’re on the edge of a decision then they’ll likely follow reviews more but exactly how often do you or anyone else in the world actually do background checks? Fairly little people if I do say so myself.

Thus it is for reasons like this that upon criticizing the community for bringing this major issue to light time and time again, it is a reminder that something must be done; something preferably likely to have long-term lasting effects. Not anything like a free weekend, or more free content, or title updates, no. Something major has to be done. Now do we know what that is? Not likely, but that’s really 2K’s job to look into. They invested in the game, they allowed the project to continue, they saw it through and they continue to see it through and clearly they notice the playerbase issue.

However, to go so far as to criticize the whole darn community just because we share a common concern, and that being that not much if anything has been done (to our knowledge) in the incoming updates that will bring a promising number of players back or new players to the game, and just going by the previous track record, it doesn’t look promising so I believe it is perfectly reasonable to share this concern.

Please do not criticize and generally make the community feel like they’re wrong for sharing a concern. We all love the game, none of us want it to die. If we didn’t like the game we wouldn’t be on these forums but here we are, addressing what is the most pressing issue presented to the game, the one that threatens its very livelihood.

However when you go about nearly insulting them for just being afraid for the game and voicing their concern, it only hurts the community. If you just sit here and poop on their opinions and concerns then sooner or later they just don’t want to comment, they’ll quit the forums, and then you’ve just added one more to the number of people who dislike or even hate Evolve and it’s community, and while I do understand your frustration with the sort of “Evolve is Dead” threads this is not the way to express it. Nor is this one of those threads.
This thread is more of an “Evolve is dying and something desperately needs to be done” thread. We aren’t saying it’s dead. We’re saying we specifically want it to thrive but we find it hard with the actions done by TRS and 2K since it would appear that not much is being done to solve this extremely important issue.


~proceeds to quote me and @Azmi_Anuar~



Don’t mind him.