It’s unlocking for me NOW! :smiley:


Did it unlock at midnight your local time?


No, Earlier! 10.01pm local time. However this is exactly the time they said on their official thread. 7:01am PST :smiley:


It’s doing all the stuff for me too.

I think the non midnight release is because Zone-Asia encompasses multiple time zones


Let me know if it launches. Seems the game files are missing a lot of files. I don’t have a .exe file and it’s refusing to launch.


So everyone in the zone they call Asia, which has multiple time zones, unlocked the game at the same time? Now I’m even more confused since @DamJess said it would unlock midnight local time for everyone…


Macman said the specific times here, I’m guessing she was just told the general time


I wish there had been more clarity on this. Its very confusing. I know it won’t matter in 24 hours but I have never been so confused about a release schedule as I have with this game.

So for those in Asia unlocking the game, was MacMan’s schedule correct?


Yes. It’s spot on. Except no one can play because the steam unlocked game is missing important files. Like the .exe.


Yes, it was


God damn 1 hour left here.

Insert gif that will bring epilepsy here


What time is it for you now?


its midnight.00:08.
But GMT+2 plays at 1:00AM.

At least steam say 1 hour left.!!!


I still have no idea when the game will be available for me. I live on the US West Coast (PST), but have never gotten a straight answer as to when the game releases.


Random question.I have preloaded and i have 28GB left on my hardrive.Since the files need to decompress is the remaining space enough?


It’s gonna be tight. You need about 50-60gb free to unlock it… I had to move things about and delete temp files etc.

So, I played all night. Realized Amazon sent me a code to unlock the exterminator skins, checked them out, slept for 30 mins and now I’m at work for the next 8 hours. Home time can’t come soon enough…


Lel i got 41 GB left now.From 38GB free after the decompress i got 41 GB