Right mouse button AKA "aim" button functionality(or rather the lack of it) discussion


First of all, I know that TRS never really saw much use in aiming in their games(game-L4D) and I was kinda bummed out ever since I first played Evolve that the right mouse button(or any button you use to aim on your platform of choice) didn’t serve any real purpose other than “it has to be there because people are used to it”, but as we all know it applies to only a few weapons/gadgets in the entire game, those being:

Laz sniper rifle
Vals sniper rifle
Val’s dart gun,Abes dart gun
Parnells rocket launcher
Markovs AR
Maggies SMG
Griffins smg
Crows rifle
all T1-3 supports main weapons(arguably,since it’s just a slight zoom and nothing else)

now here’s a list of weapons/gadgets where “aim” is either completely useless or just non-existent:

Vals healing ray
Hanks shield
Cabots damage amplifier
Sunnys jetpack booster

Hanks orbital barrage
Cabots dust tagging
Torvalds grenade
Hydes grenade

Markovs lightning gun
Hydes flamethrower
Hydes minigun
Parnells shotgun
Torvalds shotgun
Torvalds mortars
Abes shotgun
Sunnys mininuke launcher
Cairas GL

in conclusion: even if we consider the zoom on T1-3 support weapons useful ,still more than 50% of the items where “aim” is applied/could be applied has the functionality just to be there,not serving any purpose at all. This really bums me out, since the button could be used so much better and improve the quality of play.

First thing that comes to mind is an idea someone mentioned ages ago(few months at least) where he would like all the “beam” items(Vals medgun and Hanks shield at the time) to switch targets by clicking RMB(aim). If I recall correctly it even met with a response from one of the devs and a positive at that, hinting that it might be implemented, but there’s been no word of it ever since. ( the idea resurfaced in my mind a few days ago when we lost assault 2 times because “the beam knew better” and kept targeting trapper)

Besides that,here’s some suggestions off the top of my head:

Markovs lightning gun - increase range by 5-10%
Hydes flamethrower - increase range by 5-10%
Hydes minigun - increase accuracy by 10%
Parnells shotgun - tighten spread by 25%
Torvalds shotgun - tighten spread by 10%
Torvalds mortars - I’m fine with the zoom/no idea
Abes shotgun - I’m fine with the zoom/no idea
Sunnys mininuke launcher - a slight zoom like all the other supports get would be OK I guess
Cairas GL - increase grenade velocity by 15%

Hanks orbital barrage - PRECISION AIMING(so you don’t have to struggle with a small icon miles away that can get stuck on a leaf)

Cabots dust tagging- as above(come on,they’re damn binoculars, how about you let us “aim” like when firing the gadgets,only without actually firing them(then hold LMB to trigger like normal)

Torvalds grenade- a simple inversion of the lob pattern or “trigger explosion on self”
Hydes grenade- as above

maybe its a PC gamer thing, but ever since I remember, the RMB was the second most important button next to LMB in all FPP games I ever played, not to mention games in general. Having it being completely disregarded just feels weird.

So what do you guys think?
If you agree, do you have any suggestions?
Maybe you know something I don’t about the “aim” functionality in game?

either way, discuss.


Parnell’s rocket launcher aim, does nothing for him. I tend not to use it, because it takes too much of the screen away.


I was trying to be generous. It arguably has its uses over distances of 70meters and higher :stuck_out_tongue:


You can instinctively aim it without the sight. It travels in a straight line now, more or less. But yeah, I guess allot of aims aren’t needed in the game. ^.^


Your changes dont have a foundation on the why? Why do they need those buffs, and what do the monsters get in return?

Besides that, lots of weapons actually get increased accuracy (even with the shield) when you use RMB :wink: Target selection becomes better. And the handicap with targeting the wrong target is there on purpose. Sunny’s jetpack actually aims at the target you want to boost, with Hank and Val this mechanic works the same. I did wonder though why this is, but once you get used to it, it’s fine.


Me: “holy fuck why am I moving so slow??”
Teammate: “right click”
Me: “ooooooohhhh”


no they don’t

no it doesn’t ,not on a x0,2 zoom these items get.

on purpose? Explain why, when I’m definitely in range of two targets and aim DIRECTLY at one of them the beam snaps to the other- what is the purpose in that exactly?

no, no it doesn’t and it has nothing to do with getting used to. I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours now and again,no.

oh,sorry and

they don’t need the buffs,that’s why I made them so small, and the “why” is - I’d like to have a portion of the game that is actually in it to actually serve some purpose. For all I care they could replace it with a melee attack like in L4D,that way everyone would have an ultimate reaver disposal tool at least, instead of nothing.


Sorry to resurrect this thread in such a manner but I really do agree with many of these. It feels so clunky and unnatural that when you go to use the RMB on so many pieces of equipment nothing happens…


actually quite good to resurrect it, something TRS should look into - the only thing i see on this aim button is a huge slow down in movement for almost no benefit on alot of things.


I don’t mind getting the thread resurrected, most RMB AKA aim discussions are dead, would be nice to have at least one. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually get some aim functionality in the future if there’s enough demand :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the speed with which TRS makes even micropatches- I’m not judging/“dissing” them, they’re all great people and they’re doing an excellent job, I am merely making an observation- I don’t see that happening for quite some time.


Oh,I totally agree, but there’s a chance they’ll get better and faster at it some day :stuck_out_tongue:


The weapons are fine, I don’t get the gripe. Bind right mouse button to zoom/aim/whatever it’s called?

Aim is useless on hank’s shield? That just need a left-click on your hunter team mate. The barrage has the definition of “precision aiming” with a circle on the floor exactly where it will hit.

I thought zooming on the likes of Abe’s shogun did increase accuracy a bit. Is this not right?


Zooming in does increase accuracy on some weapons. Ill post a list in a bit


For Maggie’s SMG I know it does, or the reticule is simply trolling me when it closes in together.

When shooting it does appear that i get more headshots. It could just all be in my head though - see what I did there?


Anyway, the following weapons are more accurate when zooming in i think:

Assault Rifle
Auto shotgun
Machine pistol
Gauss SMG
Custom shotgun
Silenced sniper rifle
Rail gun


Where did you get this information? I can somewhat agree on the assault rifle/maggies smg - but that might be just a subjective feel,not a real stat increase.Also,I don’t see how the always accurate-no spread gauss SMG could get a buff to its 100% accuracy, so is the case with the rail gun. Parnells custom shotgun I tested on many occasions- the pellet spread seems to be exactly the same no matter if you aim or not, so again I doubt it actually gains additional accuracy. I also haven’t seen the spread pattern change on the minigun.

I didn’t mention these in the subject anyway, because they aim button has some use with most of these weapons(excluding minigun and the shotguns ). I would REALLY like to see some proof for increased accuracy on those and if it is so I’d like to know at least a % increase number.


Wel, I can tell you for 100% that firing the Silenced sniper rifle at max rate of fire is much more inaccurate when you are not zoomed in.


the railgun cant get more accurate can it


Oh,I agree, but it seem like a deliberate design mechanic. As for the other weapons, I don’t mean to offend, but if you THINK they work like that then I imagine you think that because it seems reasonable(because it does), but I do doubt the existence of any stat adjustments connected with the aim button until I don’t see some reasonable proof(i.e dev mentioning that or at least hinting at it)