Rift Portals in Defend


I don’t know what causes this, but sometimes I encounter rift portals in Defend mode.
King’s Fort


I can’t access the link right now…but are you talking about those blue-ish cloud things that appear seemingly out of nowhere? I’ve seen this also and have no idea what they are. They are definitely not the black/orange official rifts used for teleporting as a map effect. I’ve touched them and nothing has happened.


Well each time you progress through Defend as monster, the minions change where they respawn from to be further along the map. So, they ARE coming from another dimension. I think we all know where they are from by now and what is responsible.


Link wont work for me.

Can someone else send me this picture?


Sorry about the link guys.
Can’t do much at the moment.
Just imagine a rift portal in the middle of a hallway.


We’re you able to use it in anyway?


No. It was a monster portal so I count use it.
@MacMan are their suppose to be rift portals for defend? For the minions?
Cause that confirms that Wraith uses them to transport the other monsters long distances.


Oh, the minion do spawn at rift-looking electrical cloud locations in Defend.


Ah ok, that explains it. It has electrical blue current moving through it so I knew it had to be purposeful animation.