Ridiculous game design


So I’ve put monster as my most unwanted character to play, because I simply don’t like being the one lonely guy with a goliath vs a bunch of high level, top tier hunters. Yet the game constantly matches me as the monster which is just ludicrous but further because I sensibly back out instead of getting roflstomped and progressing no where with the game I get PUNISHED by waiting for 45 seconds before I can search for a new match!

Now 45 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but it is enough time for me to think how little common sense it would have required for someone to make your least preferred character exempt from the 45 second rule.

I don’t see why players should be punished just because the developer has made the goliath a boring, under powered bullet magnet that no one wants to play.

Now before any smart ass says something, I dont want to play the co-op mode because the Ai sucks, when you get an experienced person playing the wraith or kraken and on thebre occasion the goliath it is an exhilarating game, but the devs shouldn’t make me jump through hoops just to get there!


Yeah I still don’t understand why there isn’t also a “do not play” category when selecting class preferences. I know plenty of people who would put monster or medic or trapper in there.

When I’m solo queuing I pretty much never want to be monster, and I’d much rather wait the 45 seconds to queue again than fiddle through a game as monster. That said, I kind of think the 45 seconds might be there not only as a punishment, but to make sure you don’t get matched right back into the game you just left.


Game for some reason prioritizes finding a match against 4-man parties.I’d say expect a fix soon.
For some reason i get more hunters roles even tho i put Monster as #1.
Have to ask tho.Is this mostly happening in Evacuation?


I’ve found the same problem and posted about it already:

I have No interest in playing anything other than support, so I’d immensely prefer and appreciate a slower, better tailored queue.