Ridable wild life


would you lke a character that could tame small wildlife for you and your team to ride?


You have a jetpack :slight_smile:


As a Monster, I approve of you bringing more meat to stock back up on after I’m done mauling you and your team :smiley:

However in practicality, no. The Hunters all have the same speed for a reason. Same with the Monsters (Among themselves). I feel that this would change things up too much to affect that delicate balance.


I know but that’s reasonably slow from what I’ve seen


It’s faster then any wildlife :slight_smile: because you can go vertical and have a boost.


read this before commenting. I didn’t give this much I just thought it was a good idea


Seems like they can use that time to put effort into making practical content like more hunters.


Its not a bad idea but I would rather add a skill to mark the monster with feromones so the wildlife would attack him with bigger agression (for example +10% dmg on each hit and that could stack up to +50%) the problem would be that these would be a granade projectile skill and the cloud would last about 10 seconds so the hunter team could be affected as well and that is not very good if suddenly a three megamouths run against you and they are trying to eat you