RickSanchez appreciation thread! And Australia facts!


What with all these appreciation threads, I uh, kind of wanted my own. So here it is!!!
I’d like to thank my friends, my family, the developers and everyone in this community. I’d also like to specially thank Aerosmith.


We love you.

Now moving on.

There’s an Australian plant that has tiny hypodermic needles which inject poison that agonizingly tortures you for up to months before death with no antivenom called gimli gimli.

The only treatment? Bathe the wound with HYDROCHLORIC ACID AND THEN WAX IT.

Also, our trees have evolved to be extremely flammable. Why?

They catch fire, then THEY LITERALLY EXPLODE, to destroy vegetation around them. Then they release their seeds and let them germinate before regrowing as if they’d never blew up.

They literally reproduce by killing their neighbors and self destructing, then coming back from the dead in weeks.

There are a couple minor exaggerations- the acid has to be diluted, and the eucalyptus trees take a few months to regenerate, not weeks. But yeah.


For someone who wrote his own pat on the back thread, you spelled your own name wrong. Lol.

But… I like you anyway.


Damn. The trees explode?? That’s crazy!!!


I do believe you mean gympie gympie.
Man that stuff looks painful.

…but I do wonder what its fruits taste like.

Should I find all the Australia -gifs with the huge spiders now?


Lol took the thread of appreciation for @RickSanchez and derailed it instantly.


Hooooollly shit. Whelp. im kinda tired. Lol


And he didn’t even care-

This is why we love you, Rick! <3


dam sun


Nope. I don’t see that error :wink:


I derail to many threads, I frankly would be a hypocrite if I got all butt-hurt when mine for derailed. XD
Now, back off topic, what’s with these trees? And what about my thread made you think of them? I hope you don’t feel like I need to be bathed in hydrochloric acid and waxed off the forums, lol. XD


I’m more interested in the poison plant.


Yeah, I fixed the title. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


But…I did. :frowning:

Edit: I see what you did there


Whelp, one like. That’s alllll I needed. Thank you @MidnightRoses
And with that, our hero departed. burp

##That doesn’t mean anyone can close my thread. It’s here to stay, and be appreciated.##


Make that two :slight_smile: you’re appreciated


I don’t want to overreact…

But you might be the nicest, most generous person who’s ever existed, and I can never repay you for this, @Daisy_Slayer.

Edit: I enjoy receiving likes way to much. When I get that “Nice Post” Badge I freak out for like, 3 hours, and watch Lord of the Rings to celebrate. Or a Marvel movie. Depends on the day.


If only that were true :slight_smile: thank you though!

Marvel all the way :wink:

Edit: you just said all of that so I would give you a like :unamused: Hmph!


Hahahahahahaha, well even if your likes aren’t completely unconditional, I appreciate them. :joy:


:neutral_face: you sir, will receive no more likes from me!

#No More!!!