Rick and Morty! *many spoilers* Just watch the show!


Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!! Howdy squanchers, I’ve been meaning to make a thread about the greatest show in the world for awhile now, and decided it’s finally time to get Schwifty.

Rick Sanchez is possibly the most brilliant man in the universe, even the entirety of the multiverse. He is cunning, ruthless, and very rarely doesn’t succeed at anything he attempts. He will take drastic measures to get his way, although he is burdened with infinite knowledge of the universe. Why would it matter if you are kind towards others, when the universe is full of millions of planets, and there are an infinite amount of dimensions and timelines that your actions won’t effect whatsoever? Why give a crap about anything at all?

Cue Morty. Morty is Rick’s Grandson, who had never met Rick until his Grandfather showed up at his house to live with him. His mother, Beth, is Rick’s daughter, who he loves more than anything in the Galaxy. Her Husband, Jerry, generally doesn’t approve of Rick showing up unannounced to live with them rent free. Jerry is very self conscious of his intelligence, and typically worried about his marriage. This isn’t helped by the fact that Rick loves messing with him, at every opportune moment. But back to Morty.

Morty loves his adventures with Rick. They explore the Universe, and Morty is literally the polar opposite of Rick. Where Rick would never think twice about helping a stranger (because why would he? They could be an outlaw, a space demon, or helping them could inadvertently kill thousands of people), Morty always goes out of his way to help anyone in need. This oftentimes comes back to bite him in the ass, but if he didn’t try and help people, he wouldn’t be Morty. Where Rick is crass, opinionated, and has a very dark outlook on life, Morty is a dreamer. He try’s his best to stay positive, he is impressionable, and is almost always kind towards others, even when he’s always getting picked on.

Because of Morty’s overbearingly generous personality, he gets Rick into situations he would normally avoid. Although Rick is always getting Morty into awful situations, so it’s very balanced out. The duo make for some incredible adventures, traveling between planets and dimensions. It’s one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, personally for me it’s the funniest show out there. They did an episode where they sat and watched Interdimensional TV the entire episodes, and the voice actors improvved every commercial and TV show from the different dimensions. No planning, just random improv, but it was so hilarious.


But more than just comedy, and space adventures, Rick and Morty has feeling. Rick comes off as a dark, depressed, alcoholic scientist. And he is, but as the show unfolds, you start to understand how truly pained this man is. He knows how insignificant everything is, how little any one persons actions really mean. He has a very dark and murky past that is shrouded in self loathing, and loss. It’s never been revealed what really happened to Beth’s Mother, Ricks wife. It’s never revealed why he ran out in them, or why exactly he decided to come back. But it is more than obvious he is still haunted by his past, and feels the need to numb himself. As the episodes progress, he starts to rub off on Morty as well, and not in the best of ways. Morty in the beginning of the show was a very ignorant, shy kid. But he’s becoming slowly more and more snarky and crass, learning how huge the universe is and how insignificant everything inside of it is. It’s these developing characters that give the show so much depth, and seperate it from every other cartoon in my opinion.


I love their choice of music

Also, love the fact that Arin from game grumps was in the season 2 finale


Their musical choices are fantastic, and while I don’t want to put any spoilers here, I’m still on the edge of my seat because of the season two finale. :frowning:

Such a cliffhanger.


You can put it in spoilers if you want, that way anyone who reads it only has themselves to blame




Naw, there were so many episodes that left me with a sense of awe the first time I saw them. Rick Potion #9 had the craziest ending, the episode with Unity was so funny but the ending made my heart ache. I want anyone who watches those fire the first time to get the fullest experience. :blush:

If anyone hasn’t seen it though, it’s best to start at the pilot episode and go forwards. They all go in order and remember the previous episodes, and you can watch a lot of them at Adultswim.com. All of them if you’ve got a cable provider that works, and there’s most of them on YouTube, though it’s hard to find versions where the poster didn’t butcher the audio.


He’s still missing…

omg shin is morty


Not to keen of positing pictures of myself in the Internet, but I trust this community. This is my Halloween costume, although I’ve been wearing it all week. :sunglasses:

Gona spike the hair up for the costume party though.


I always imagined his hair as grey, but I can see it as blue too


Isn’t the shirt black, the pants a darker brown?


It’s blue in the show, so I went for blue. Didn’t want people thinking I was Doc Brown from Back to the Future. :stuck_out_tongue:


The shirts only black on Evil Rick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost went as him. But then I’d need a fake scar on my face. And I thought the pants were a pretty good match.
EDIT: My rooms pretty bright so the pants do look a little lighter in that picture.


Why fake it? Go for authenticity. :grinning:


The thought crossed my mind, but then it’d be all fresh and bloody on Halloween and that wouldn’t be to authentic. Plus I’m already wearing the costume around, and drinking all my water from that flask, I’m afraid if I’d been Evil Rick is develop this whole evil persona, and I’d rather not test my luck. This costume is jeopardizing my relationship enough as it is. :smiley:


What about me?


Wut? 0.o  


My avatar is Rick drawn as Doc from Back To The Future.


I’ve been wondering if your picture is Doc Brown or Rick. :open_mouth:



Oh! I never clicked to expand the picture. :smiley: