Richard Attenborough


Today Richard Attenborough has died. He was most known as John Hammond from the Jurassic Park movies. Not much to say; First Robin Williams and now Richard. I mourn.


He was also X in The Great Escape!

He was also an Oscar-winning director. His Gandhi is the best David Lean movie David Lean never directed.


Its so sad seeing great people who brought me such great wonder and amusement when growing up being taken away from this world, I’m sure if I was not exposed to these great people I would have made me the person I am today,
RIP in peace Robin Williams and Richard Attenborough


Richard, we salute you.


There was actually another old actress who died after Robin Williams… that makes three. Sounds like a serial killer to me


Well, at least Richard lived a long life. He was almost 91 so while it’s sad to see him go, it was his time. R.I.P.


Oh man! I didn’t hear the news till now. :frowning: Jurassic Park was a major part of my childhood, and I absolutely loved his character. He was quite the actor! May he rest in peace.


Yeah, Robin was still relatively young.



I couldn’t care less for Robin Williams, but Richard Attenborough on the other hand my sentiments can go out to. RIP you damned dinosaur.