Rhinorex Discovery


There has been a new dinosaur discovery! After the Dreadnaughtus a new dinosaur has been discoverd. A hardosaur found in Utah has been found to live 75 million years ago. This dinosaur is named Rhinorex which translates to King Nose for obvious reasons.

Not much is known about this animal and the nose has made scientists make several theories from it being a mating display to it being a extension of the beak to help chew food. What are your thoughts? Here is a link to a website documenting the findings. I love harosaurs. :smile:


Woah, this sounds interesting!


This has to be a fake. I live in Utah and I haven’t seen one, therefore it can’t exist :stuck_out_tongue:


is that a crocodile underneath it?


Yes, it is.


It’s a concept art and there literally isn’t any other art about it. I’m hoping Prehistoric Kingdom has it as DLC.


It reminds me of Kritosaurus.


Dinosaurs are cool. I should’ve been a paleontologist.