Reworking Wraith Warp Blast (visuals)


Since the last patch it’s actually fun to fight against wraith again. Her speed is good, warp blast is still a movement skill, but reduced to an acceptable level. Supernova isn’t a death trap, but still does good damage for those quick strikes that you need. Decoy is still good, but absolute shit in a dome. Unless you aim for the extra damage while receiving less to get another attack chain going.

Then there is the reworked Warp Blast. And it’s driving me insane. You don’t really notice it that well in the average wraith fight, but if you fight a wraith who only picks warp blast and nukes the shit out of your team, you will know what I am talking about when you have fought one of these players.

Aftershock of the Kraken does medium damage and has a very clear range where it’s going to hit. Supernova has a very clear bubble of effect showing the range of the attack. Lightning Strike shows very clearly where it’s going to hit. The new Warp Blast has the same animation as before the patch, but with increased range. As a hunter I have no clue what that range is, and to be honest it feels rather insane sometimes. Having no “feel” for the effect, and barely keeping track of the wraiths movement mid-combat you completely need to rely on sound only sometimes. If you do manage to look at the blast there is no way of telling if you are out of the blast radius. Now, you kinda get hit hard, or you don’t. We need a visual telling us the blast radius to be able to avoid it.

We played most of the day today and haven’t lost a single match. This evening we play with 1 random player and we meet Roy a stage 1 wraith player that puts 3 points in warp blast. I felt like we were being used as toy’s to kill. You cannot outheal it, there is little to no use to avoid it and it hits multiple targets every damn time. In combat the wraith had enough traversal to stay up high, nuke us with warp blast. Tried reviving a teammate? Warp blast in your face. Tried spamming the monster to do some damage? Warp blast in your face. Tried setting up mines or a shield drone? Warp blast in your face and all your gadgets are gone. It’s good gameplay, but we could not counter it. This guy hunted us the moment we dropped. 3 matches that all lasted ~3 minutes. Never seen anything like it and it made me wanna scream that I couldn’t see the range. Should I take the hit, or can I avoid it. I didn’t know with every attack. Dodge and still getting hit only takes so long before you get mad trying.


We need to see the range of warp blast to be able to dodge away. Now it’s just a 1 second aftershock hit that you can aim anywhere. With the high damage output and the “invisible range” it’s the strongest skill the wraith has now and it eats up the group like crazy. Maybe change the range into speed and let every point make you explode faster. With the current speed set to 2 points post-patch? Increasing it a little at three points, but making it possible to dodge again.


The speed was nerfed do you couldn’t quadrawarp and domeblock.


I agree, visuals need to match.


Speed and range have been nerfed. Radius got a boost, but no visual effect. If you balance the radius with a small increase in scale able speed. It would still be a skill hit with aoe effect but a little faster with 3 points. Now a stage 1 wraith can have a aftershock blast on command.

So either that, or give a visual.


A visual. This one is pretty terrible anyway.


Right now this is the major thing broken with the Wraith. The warp blast is much more powerful than it needs to be with an unreal range that can’t be seen, on top of the knockback it does.

There is just so much stun locking in this game that hunters easily get trapped in corners and blown to bits by this warp blast.


I agree. The range should be visible. Instead it’s like a flashbang where the visual effect was just made brighter instead of wider. The range may have been made too large. I dunno, I just know there’s really only one Wraith playstyle now… Can you imagine a Wraith with 3 Abduction/3 Decoy/3 Supernova? Lol. No.


This is the problem. You should. Warp blast is extraordinary OP atm, not only against the hunters, but for the Wraith itself. The other skills need to be “as” viable.


Before the patch, that is how I used to play Wraith. I thought WB was a useless skill. Now I put 3 into WB and use it as a primary DD skill.


Well, thing is, the actual build up on the Warp Blast is so fast you wouldn’t be able to dodge it anyways even if you knew how far it reaches. Aftershock is dodgable because it has a 3 second build up, Warp Blasts build up is about under 1 second. If they’d reduce the radius they probably would have to reduce either the build up time or increase the travel speed again.
I for one wouldn’t mind it, since the radius is just a bit too big in my opinion, especially since every AoE attack in this game is not affected by environment and goes right through it if the radius is big enough.

Just as an example:

As for the visuals, they could be toned down a bit since it’s effectively blinding the Wraith player himself.

Overall Warp Blast in it’s current state is countered by good positioning (no grouping up) and utilizing that knockback to your advantage. You shouldn’t try to dodge the damage of it if you can’t be a 100% sure to make it out of the radius and still be in a proper position afterwards. You should just Jetpack-dash into position to get the best knockback angle you can get to not get pushed out of position by it, even if this means dashing right into it. Best case would be a knockback to your team or even straight up in the air if you got a val to heal/hank to shield the probable abduction followup. You can at least mitigate followups or punish the Wraith properly afterwards by being in a decent position after taking the WB damage.


I’m agreed. Warp blast damage range was never clearly illustrated and now extends well beyond that you’d expect. Definitely could do with an update to make it clearer.