Reworking Behemoth Headshot


Lots of discussions going on the Behemoth being under-powered but looking at his choosing screen animation he can remove the armor from his face. Why is it not that the weak belly is removed, it doesn’t make any sense for any organism to have their guts hanging out… Give him a proper belly and introduce the option that the behemoth can ONLY be shot with a headshot ON the head WHEN he is attacking. It is the same mechanic as the belly, but now with the head itself. If he can move the armor flaps on his head, why not ‘open’ them when he is attacking exposing his actual head, doing actual damage. He’s already a punching bag, why give others even downed players the ability to do even more damage against him? It makes the behemoth a hard monster to headshot, but it should be. Headshots do more damage because you are eating away the brain with bullets. You can cut a man’s gut’s out and he will live for quite some time, there are NO nerves in there and it isn’t a vital organ.


I’m sorry, I think I’ve missed something here. If we’re comparing realism to the game, why would the Behemoth reveal any sort of weakspot when attacking in the first place, let alone its head. Also, if you think of an armadillo, it’s kind of the same thing. Its innards aren’t necessarily hanging out, but it’s a soft underbelly that can be exploited when it’s not curled into a sphere. Also, this a fictional lore, so we can’t know what those innards are comprised of, their function, nor can we have any idea what its biology is.

My arguing point would be that he shouldn’t have ANY weakpoints whatsoever. As you said, he’s already a punching bag with the gigantic hitbox, so tags should be easier to hit on it. And to fit the idea that it’s a huge rock-like creature with shifting plates of sediment all over its body, why would any sort of weakpoint be exploitable?


Define “quite some time.”

If someone is mortally wounded, they go into shock, making them incoherent, and a stomach wound (like a gunshot) will cause a person to bleed out very quickly. I’d be amazed if a person who is disembowelled could last more than five minutes without immediate medical attention.


I’m no expert, but for a monster that already has them hanging out. You imagine a Behemoth getting his guts stuck on a rock when he’s walking about ripping them to shreds when he starts rolling around?

In the right conditions a human can survive this, but we aren’t “made” that way. They are supposed to be on the inside. Now the Behemoth has them hanging outside… I’ve heared that they are reducing the size of his weak spot, but it kinda breaks the point that I’m trying to make. Behemoth already is quite squishy, now they are fixing the problem the wrong way.


well supposedly he is so squishy because theres a bug with that weak spot that makes it get hit far to often


No, the bug is that the monster takes 2X damage where ever he’s hit, even if it’s not on the weak spot.


so theres a bug . . . that makes his entire body a weakpoint aka theres a bug that makes the weak spot get hit far to often right?