Reworked Host Concept


For obvious reasons, this isn’t official. I thought of it and decided to post it for others to read/comment on/take ideas from/insult as they wish. I am not suggesting this idea, which is why I did not merge it with a larger thread.


General information
Appearance: The limbs are rearranged to be symmetrical. 4 legs, 2 arms. The large open space in the torso is no longer present in order to maintain Behemoth’s uniqueness and for other reasons I will elaborate. Instead there are several plates reminiscent of insect’s exoskeletons, with a thin groove down the center. The mouth remains open above the red line.

Armor Color: Bright yellow, to distinguish from the pale yellow/green of Gorgon.

Health: Less than Kraken, more than Wraith or Gorgon

Stage Differences: Stage 1 is as the image appears. Stage 2 adds segmented plating to its back, similar to a pill bug in appearance. Stage 3 adds several short blunt spikes to the back, similar to this in form.

Size: The maximum height allowed by the game with a thin body.

Movements: Similar to Kraken, it is minimalistic in its movements. The arms never make extreme motions, with melee attacks being performed through thin tendrils that extend from its inner arms with small motions and stabbing motions from the legs. Climbing does not extremely change its orientation, using the arms to maintain a vertical orientation and the legs for movement. Eating is shown as it sprays the food with acid from the mouth while simultaneously extending several feeder tendrils, similar to Wraith’s disintegration/vacuum method of feeding. Sneaking causes it to lower its central body enough for the hands to touch the ground, bending the lower joints in its legs to ensure it maintains a small stance.

Traversal: Burrow
Using a one-bar stamina system like Behemoth, the Abomination burrows into the ground. While burrowed, only the portions above the red line are visible above ground.

While burrowed, it moves faster and takes slightly less damage, though the portion of its head visible can still cause headshot damage. It can move up and down cliffs while burrowed, though at a slower pace than if unburrowed. Staying motionless while burrowed still uses stamina. Burrowing does not prevent the destruction of destructible objects or the startling of birds. You can target enemies with pounce while burrowed and exit the burrow via a pounce. You cannot attack while burrowed.

Combat Ability 1: Spore Bomb
A pod grows in its palm and it tossed as a projectile. It does the most immediate damage out of any of its abilities. If it is not triggered while being thrown, it will embed itself in whatever surface it impacts. After a short arm time, it becomes a stationary bomb with reduced damage that will detonate if a valid target enters the detonation proximity. Points increase velocity and detonation range, stars increase damage.

Combat Ability 2: Miasma
The Abomination is briefly motionless and vents a sickly yellow gas from vents in its torso. The gas reduces hunter visibility and does minor damage. It also serves as a buff to the Abomination by reducing incoming damage, allowing it to serve as a defensive Supernova. This ability is most useful as an escape tool or a combat augmenter. Points increase size and duration, stars increase defensive buff.

Combat Ability 3: Devour
The plates on the Abomination’s underbelly part, revealing the mouth on its torso. Tentacles shoot out to seize a target and drag it back to be digested. The range is shorter than abduction or Tongue Grab, but the radius is larger. Valid targets are any target than can be Abducted. Devoured targets take no damage from the initial hit, but are dragged back and trapped in a semi-transparent pod on the stomach. The pod has its own separate health bar from the Abomination and must be destroyed to free the captive. The Abomination takes reduced damage from any damage dealt to the pod. While there is a pod, the Abomination has slightly reduced movement speed, both normally and when burrowing, though it can still burrow. Trapped hunters can still activate class abilities, with the exception of trapper. They can be targeted for healing or shielding, but the value is reduced. The pod deals continuous damage to the victim until the victim dies. At that point, the plates reseal over the pod and the chance to free the victim is gone. Like a megamouth, there is no body or incapped player left behind. For one minute after the pod is retracted, the body of the target is stored within the Abomination. For the first thirty seconds, holding the eat button without another valid target will cause the Abomination to digest the remains for their full value. For the next thirty seconds, the remains can be digested for 1 meat. If the Abomination uses Devour again while it still holds remains, the remains will be regurgitated at its location as it Devours. This serves to both ensure Lazarus gets a chance to revive and leaves evidence of its location. While holding a hunter, the incapped icon and Laz’s revive icon move with the Abomination. Points increase range and velocity, stars increase range.

Combat Ability 4: Minion.
The Abomination spawns a minion to aid it. The minion is taller than a human, but smaller than a stage 1 Wraith. It appears to be a combination of a human, a Abomination, and a Goliath. It is capable of generating armor and possesses a ‘leap’ traversal with a single stamina bar (Not like Behemoth, but a single leap before it needs to recharge). The leap is more horizontal than vertical, though it can be used to jump towards airborne hunters. It has no ranged attacks, but moves slightly faster than a hunter when not using any movement enhancers. There are three ways to use the minion. One is as a trap. Press the ability button without selecting a target and the Abomination will vomit a pod from the torso mouth. The pod will hatch itself if a hunter enters a certain range, after which the minion will move to attack them. The second is as a body guard. it is performed like the first, but instead of leaving it, hold the hatch/eat button while next to it. The minion will act like the Minion map effect from Refueling Tower. The third is targeted. Hold the ability button and target a health bar the way Slim does with his healing bug. The health bar can be wildlife or a hunter. When a target is selected, release the ability button. The Abomination will vomit out a pod, which will immediately begin to hatch itself. When the minion hatches, it will single out the target you selected and attack it. If the target dies, the minion will switch to ‘bodyguard’ mode. if the target returns, via dropship, Laz, or respawn beacon, the minion will switch back to targeted mode. You can only have one minion at a time and the minion does not have a limited lifespan. Points increase speed and health, stars decrease hatch time.

How to implement a burrowing monster AND the "Host" archetype
The legendary burrowing monster, and how it could be implemented

Good ideas, but I believe it’s been stated that the engine can’t handle a traversal or move that involves burrowing under the ground.


I know, but this will never happen so I figured I might as well give it the traversal I though would fit best.

@Crowdalra, @KomodoLover, @BearStream, you’ve always given me good feedback for my map ideas. Any thoughts?


it could sprint as a traversal. a bar like behemoth but it gains a faster running speed


The problem here is that you haven’t worked in the actual parasites in the concept. You could add them as something with a targeting system; not a skillshot, but something where you just point at a target and bugs fly out to attack it.


True. I gave it abilities I felt would fit with its appearance and the minion to maintain its old core idea. I did feel that it was too far from the original idea to call it the Host, which is why I renamed it. It may be more accurate to say it is a new monster with the appearance of the old Host.

Spore Bomb could be modified into the old bomb parasite, in appearance only to minimize AI issues. I’m not sure if that would be worth it, as it is already extremely separate from the original ide., Half of the abilities with parasites and half without may seem needlessly confused about its own theme.

I considered this, but given its stance and appearance it didn’t seem right.


Wow. I’m genuinely impressed that you went to the trouble to rework this. Well done! :smiley_cat:


Perhaps this makes sense with the rest of the monsters, which began very differently from what they eventually became. The fundamentals of the character, however, seem to have been lost; and it seems odd to change it so much on the technical level, but not the aesthetic. It’s like drawing Superman and naming him “EpicGuy”.


oh i’ve heard of that hero!


Thanks for the tag! :smile:

Okay, so hopefully the burrow can be used with a portion sticking out like you said. It’s nice being able to climb and such while being burrowed and all the reduced damage. By being able to burrow while still would make The Abomination an amazing bush Monster.

The spore bomb sounds nice, but I feel like once players have gotten used to it, if it can be destroyed. If it can’t, then I feel like it could really help from some players returning to the same spot in a fight, like Sunny placing that drone on a pillar.

Yay! A spore cloud like ability! Suck it Slim. Sounds good and I have no issues with it.

Devour sounds amazing, especially the transparent pod, being able to see Laz or a hunter being digested and their screams being muffled. Or a mammoth bird fidgeting in the pod. A regurgitated body sounds amazing as well. However, can the Abomination pounce while having someone in their pod? Or how about the other abilities? I don’t have a problem with being able to pounce while having someone in a pod, it’s like Gorgon having someone in a spider trap while you wall pounce or pounce normally.

For Minion, I feel like another name would be better so nobody gets confused over which type of minion they mean. I love the multiple ways that it can be used.

Overall, 8/8 IGN.


Yes you can use other abilities and pounce while you have someone in a pod.

Good point for minion, I’ll change it soon. The potential name I have are Spawn or Drone.


I like the ability ideas but I think the design, name. and color of The Host should be left as is. It’s extremely cool :laughing:


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