Rework the way support shields work

I dunno if this has been suggested before, but here goes.

At the moment, even after the nerf, Hank is by far the most annoying support. His ability to selectively negate damage on teammates, hide and unleash all hell is way too much. But it’s his shield that’s the problem. Its range, capacity and recharge rate are way overboard.

Out of 16+ or so matches I’ve played so far since 5.0, I encountered 1 Cabot, 1 Sunny and 14+ Hanks. This tells us something. The biggest reason why he’s picked so often is due to how reliable of a defense his shield is, so here’s my proposal.

Instead of shield being a projected beam at an ally player, make it work similar to assault’s shield, but ranged. Give it a 2-3 second charge time at a player, after which the shield will stay on them for the next 8-10 seconds, and give the shield a 17-15 second recharge rate(1 shield per 25 sec, or whatever else would be considered balanced). In addition, give the shield back its original strength and buff it another 25-50%.

This change would allow Hank to do other things than shield spam the entire match and it would be way less frustrating for monsters, while still forcing them to switch from a shielded target, but now without the frustration of having any target chosen near constantly shielded.

As a monster player, I can honestly say Hank is the most horribly annoying hunter. Its like DecoyWraith, but worse.

Sunny’s shield isn’t so bad, as it’s limited by line of sight, can’t run away and hide when you attack it and can be destroyed relatively quickly.

I’m not saying Hank is the most overpowered hunter, but his definitely is the most annoying one, and the worst one to fight against. Wraith was the same in the beginning and she was decently reworked after enough hunters complained. Now finally give us monsters something and make Hank more fun to fight against.

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