Rework for Wraith Passive

I have problem with Wraith passive being total antisneak while benefiting from sneakplay… (unlike behemoth passive that mitigates 50-60% damage no matter how u play) …

so i came up with an idea of rework for this, that would be able to maintain the mechanics but create more space for players to have theire fun

Imo… Wraith is Bad in generall, but there is a way to repair both her and passive intwo sipmle patches…

  1. Give Wraith 1 - 2 more traversal bars (without increased traversal regen)

2)Lets encourage players to stack Wraith stacks as it should be, but stacks of … “WRATH” ; )

Lets give wraith 120-150m range of Wrath (current isolation) around her and give her bonus to perks she has on - multiply them X 1,05 (105% … number is not yet proven to be balanced as u can
guess)) for every Wrath stack she broke in last 7-15 seconds …
(multiplicativly… so she would benefit more from leting them build up
and useing em in one moment…)…

gives you 12% move speed… with Wrath instead… lets say you hitted a guy with 5 stacks on kim… you get
12% x (1.05^5 - 1) = 27.62815625… %
… lets round it up to 28% …

This is less, but if you would menage to get those stacks … you
would have a short window of oportunity to use full potential… for
example lets asume u menaged (hipotetically) to hit all 20 stacks at
once… that would increase for few seconds youre perk values for 108%

<though i feel like 6% instead of 5 would be more fitting… needs tests>

lets say you have 7 seconds of that buff …

that would mean you have 7 seconds to burst someone down, because its
an oportunity that wil not ocur again in dome… or propably in youre
gaming career, because defusing all 20stacks at once is highly

though that would actually encourage players to sneak and gather those stacks making wraith true assasin type of monster

Also that would prevent her from being too OP because she would use stacks and be unable to efectivly create them in dome… so its a kill or die situation… otherwise she has to wait 25 seconds in perfect conditions to get stacks back

<Before claiming OP… bare in minds, that mechanics would only multiply bonus from perks… not the basic value>


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So you only get the bonuses if you use those specific perks? I’m not on Stage 2 but that really seems like a big no.

I mean you get bonuses of YOURE perks

for example lets asume you took Haste12%/Mutated recovery15%//Unending Endurance20%

after conecting mele on a guy with 5 stacks you would get additional buff coresponing to those perks multiplying them by 105% for each stack…

that would give 28% increase (1.05 ^ 5 = 27.62815625… % = 28% increase)

therefore for short period of time you would get additional
+3,36% speed
+4,2% abilities cooldown speed
+5,6% speed

though after calculating it i feel like 5 % might be not enough… and meaby just to make it more usable it should be closer to 10% …

(i know in ideal situation that would give insane boost to wraith , but defusing all 20 stacks in 7 seconds is neither easy nor common, so i belive it might be balanced or close to balance…

.that mechanic would emphasize what you want in wraith meanwhile giving you that mechanic …