Rework Broken Hill foundry


Seriously. Got 6 points tonight and then lost to a Hyde/Laz/Jack/ Kala on this Hunter favored map. It’s ridiculous. There is no where to run. The only good feeding route is the obvious one right next to the dune beetle, so Hunters instantly jump there.

Monsters can hardly traverse the map. It’s ludicrous.

Something needs to be done.


This kind of shit ruins my night as I play for an hour just to get 6 points, then lose it because I’m put into a literal coffin.


I agree it’s a cheap Hunter favored map Crow or Griffin can pretty much cover the whole map. There are some good fighting spots though if you can actually get Evolved.


Not only that, but movement is limited. As a Goliath main my leaps are pretty much a handicap. There is so many pipes, walkways, ceiling, etc that make it impossible to quickly get away or chase.


Have you tried climb speed perk, movement speed, or traversal perk? I don’t really play Goliath but just tossing out some ideas. I could see climbing speed being nice for that map as Goliath.


The problem is that Goliath’s hard counter is Hunters quickly manouvering around small objects that are just not big enough to make using a traversal worthwhile, which means that during both a chase and a fight there’s far too many objects in Foundry that slow Goliath down.


Behemoth does pretty well in foundrys tight spots. The slum town (whatever u wanna call it) is nice for birdless feeding. Nice confusing little short cuts all over. Most naps feel too small against a good crow or griffin anyways. I like foundry.


On the bright side you cannot throw a dome on this map that doesn’t have any loops in it. Use those to your advantage to get a free get to stage 3 card :smiley:


From a hunter perspective, doming on the multi-level complex is annoying. The monster doesn’t fight and runs the whole time. Then they reach stage 3 and then fight in the shit domes.