Rewards for leaving a match early


Right now there’s an incredibly large number of players who feel the need to leave a match, because they seem it to be in a losing game. Losing a match affects your rank in a negative way, and thus you’d want to avoid it. Naturally. However people who leave tend to get replaced by someone else; someone who all too often is hoping to get a fresh new game and not having to deal with someone else’s f**k ups.

Surely we can all put our minds together and come up with a way to punish people for leaving a match early. It’s no fun for anyone when you leave and it certainly shouldn’t be giving you the reward you’re currently getting. The reward being not getting a penalty for losing, even though you just left a lost match.

I may be mistaken here, but I’m guessing players either Alt + F4 to get out of the game or they simply opt to leave the game. Both options are vastly different from disconnecting, during which a connection times out. Wouldn’t it be possible to put a penalty on pressing either option to quit?

(Mind you there’s several topics about people leaving early, yet none actually present a way to fix it)


Well for example I got 2 random game crashs since the new patch… (I won’t leave a match without a good reason eg: everything about RL) hopefully they fix this crash, never had them before :frowning:


This is one of the reasons hunters are leaving the game. It happened to me 3 games, out of 5 played with Behemoth yesterday.


well, leavers get a loss now, even after joining a game in Progress.

If you join a match in Progress and lose though, you won’t get a loss:


Disconnecting should have the exact same punishment as leaving.
If you punish leaving harder than disconnecting, people will start pulling out their internet cable or turning off their wifi/router instead of just pressing quit. You cannot detect the difference between these 2 (as for both the machine and the server the result is the same: no connection)

As for the punishment itself: I don’t think we need to punish players more. Not until we can join matches as the role we want.
I have monster as my 5th preference simply because I don’t stand a chance against a random group of hunters (blahblah gitgud I know). Yet I get it more often than anything else when joining through matchmaking.
I’ve heard all the “stay in the match” arguments but the truth is: that often still results in ending up as the monster. Also, it’s boring for me and the hunters and sometimes I don’t have time for 2 full matches so I just want to play what I choose instead of being forced to play monster once again.

The current system is broken. I should not be punished for not wanting to deal with the broken system.


I’d say focus on the matchmaking system first before dealing with the leavers. A lot of people leave because the matchmaking sucks.


The thing is, even with the 1 minute penalty timer, leaving is often faster to get into a new game than sticking it out.

To understand people leaving, try and think back to your school days, when playing a game in PE that you don’t like and that you’re bad at (for me it was football or soccer as americans would call it). now imagine back then you would have had the option to just leave, wouldn’t you have done it?


Well leaving a losing match is kind of shit, but i won’t hesitate to leave if i get monster instead of hunter. Or even better join a game in progress where i get the monster i don’t care about.


This has nothing to do with people getting the wrong roles. This is all about people leaving once they realize they’ve been outsmarted or got outclassed. It’s about elitist people who wish to converse their high ranking by disconnecting from a losing match. NOT aimed at a monster player disconnecting shortly after having joined.


This sorta topic just keeps coming up. I don’t think punishing players for leaving is going to be effective measure OUTSIDE of true ranked matches, like DOTA.

For “casual” matches, it’s just discouraging people from playing. Do I stay and get my butt beaten down for 10 minutes? Or do I leave and take a huge penalty that makes getting into another game really time consuming? How about I just stop playing, I’m clearly stuck between two unfun, boring choices.

Frankly, I see a few solutions.

First, we could have some kind of forfeit vote. If the monster gives up or 3/4 Hunters vote to concede, the match end.

Or we could consider locking the games down. Whoever originally joins the game as a hunter/monster has their slot reserved. If they crash or disconnect, they can reconnect in the same slot. If they quit the match, that’s it. No one is going to fill that slot. So, if all the Hunters or thr Monster leaves, the game ends.

Whatever solution is ultimately implemented, I think it has to accomodate the way people actually play video games online. If we’re trying to prescribe a system to change the way people behave, it won’t be successful and we’ll see backlash.


I’m sure you missed the point. When I say ‘better matchmaking’, I don’t mean giving everybody the roles they want (although that should be part of a good matchmaking process). I meant matching people against other people of their own skill level. If I’m matched with somebody who will obviously outclass me by leagues from the start (bad matchmaking), obviously I’m gonna quit. You’re gonna get a lot of rage if you start punishing people for the matchmaking’s incompetence. So what I meant in my original post was to make the matchmaking system a good, solid system before trying to implement any kind of punishment for leavers.


How do you match people with equal skill level if your rank is based upon how fast you can leave a losing match? By that definition the best players aren’t in the top 10, but the ragequitters would be. You won’t be getting any equal footing with anyone as long as the ranking system is flawed and based upon something as childish as leaving early.