Rewarding players?


I think it would be cool if teams got rewarded for things. Every time a team successfully domes a monster, the dome itself will give away the monsters location while inside the dome forcing combat on both sides. Monsters who survive the dome should get a speed buff to get away and the hunt begins again? also and electrical shock should be applied every time the monster touches the dome with his/her body ? these are just idea love to hear your thoughts and improvements on it.


Sounds like a good concept but I’m sure someone would be able to find a hack in this.


heh i dunno, i think it s fine as it is, it s already pretty balanced in all honesty


Sound like a good idea, but sounds like people would complain it’s to OP.


Depending on how a dome is thrown, you can already trap a monster in a compromising position. It’s kinda funny when it happens.

That being said… As a monster, I can’t say I’d mind an extra speed boost… I’m having a terrible time with disengagement at the moment (Dunno how/why. but I swear I just can’t escape from Torvald)

Disengagement is super hard right now. And I’m not sure just a speed boost would help.

  1. Tranq: ID’s you when you are leaving, so that you cannot “Circle around” to hide.
  2. UAV ID: Same thing, but lasts longer
  3. Abe Dart: Ditto
  4. Gobi sees all: Even yet more DItto.

Although I’ve played against goliath/behemoth players recenrtly that I think took the stamina recharge perk to traversal the CRAP out of the dome… that really seems to be the only thing that works for disengagement.

And as far as the dome electrifying people… ermm… ya know, I could be ok for this… IF it drained the power of the dome sooner. I would LOVE it if there was some advancement system for abilities, and just not the same perks for everyone.


A. Each trapper has a way of finding monsters in a dome. Abe tracking darts it, Daisy snuffles him/her out, Griffin sound spikes it, and Gobi sees all ^.-
B. Monsters do get a speed buff, 10 seconds of “In-combat” stamina boost lets us high tail it outta there moment the blue shield of annoyance goes away
C. I don’t think the electrical shock is a good idea, you have us trapped in here, not like you need any more ways to deal damage when you have an assault, support, and trapper always shootin us -.-