Reviving wildlife

So there’s probably already been a post like this, but does anyone have any stories about a time when using the Lazarus device on wildlife was actually helpful? The only time I can see it as possibly being worth it is to rez an elite wildlife to make it more difficult for the monster to eat, but more often than not, that’s not particularly effective.

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Oh, I have SO many…So. Frickin. Many.

My personal favorite was when I, with only Cabot and I alive, revived a Tyrant, hotswapped to Cabot and Amped the monster as the Tyrant attacked.


It was beautiful.

That aside, it’s not super useful. Can be handy, but nothing amazing.


Yeah, fair enough, that seems like a good enough use. I mean, the only time I do it is if I have loads of cloak left and am the last hunter, I’d revive a crowbill or something, just for some chaos to cover my tracks.

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Nah, mostly the elite yes but still i dunno if its worth it.What if the monster did more than enough time to pass by there again and if you haven’t revived the body would decay?

You can never know but yeah.A good thing tho if you can see em ofc, to revive spotters.At least they are a bit useful

Reviving spotters? Have you seen my username? No, too many bad memories.


Spotters are kind, loving, and understanding creatures… Surely they’d not hurt you.


So I went revive @plaff buttttt there was a sloth next to him dead. The sloth revived and slaughtered me :frowning:

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That moment when you accidentally revive a mammoth bird and it zaps you then you die.


Spotter 1v1ed me. They’re like honey badgers. Small, but lethal


Mhmm, sure it did. ^.-
Video, or it didn’t happen. ^.^

Not programmed to attack.

It deleted the video I took. It was ferocious, relentless, unthinking.

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Were it unthinking, I’d imagine 'twould not care if you took a video of it murdering you.
In fact, were ferocious and unrelenting, I would surmise it’d want the video to be seen by all; so that all may fear the mighty spotters. For they’re taken for granted in the world of Shear.

Plot twist, Spotters created Mammoth Birds to serve them and act as a distraction. We all think the Mammoth Birds are bad, but they’re nothing but the pawns of the Spotters…


It didn’t care that I took a video, it just had to destroy everything in sight. I had to blow all the fuses in the house to stop it coming from the TV. First it spotted me, then it spotted my death.

It seems unlikely… But perhaps they intended for us to assume they’re docile…


I tried to ping a crowbill as a warning, but I missed and pinged the spotter. The rest was just a blur of teeth and darkness. It sensed the ping.

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I just like the fact that it’s real. The Lazarus device ha she capability to revive from the dead. So it makes sense that they actually let you revive hunters and wildlife.

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Perhaps when dead wildlife is within say 5 meters of a hunters corpse, make it prioritize the hunters corpse instead? ~shrugs~

Nope i need the tyrant to fend off the monster for me while I wait to revive the hunter

One time I was playing Lazarus on Medlab and my team was fighting the monster (goliath), a tyrant, and a sloth. I was attacked by the tyrant, and we had to kill it. Over the course of the fight we drew the attention of a nearby sloth. The sloth downed our support, and we promptly killed it, with its body ending up next to the Tyrant and our downed support. The monster managed to down the trapper, freeing it from the dome, and the attack sent the trapper flying neatly betwix the tyrant and sloth.

The monster began to run away, with our assault hot on his heels. I moved in to revive of support, who had bled out by this point, but accidentally revived the sloth instead. So after killing it once more I proceeded to go and revive the support… just kidding, I revived the tyrant, which then ate our dying trapper. Then I went in to finally revive the support… and revived the sloth again.

At that point I gave up and ran away, leaving my assault to get murdered by the monster 200 meters away.

We did manage to actually come back win the match though, so that was nice.