Reviving Wildlife instead of a teammate as Laz is annoying


maybe many people already realized it.
maybe its realistic and so on…
yesterday the assault died and a dead armadon lied on his corpse.
i aimed at the assault and BOOM, die armadon was alive.
my team killed the armadon, the armadon felt on the dead assault and after revive
the armadon is alive.
the monster killed the armadon, ran away and after revive
the crappy armadon was alive again.
really after 4th revive it was possible to revive the assault.

really really remove it or disable it or make it possible to choose or do something that
i dont suddenly revive wildlife because it is USELESS and ANNOYING if i want to revive my teammates in battle and a piece of wildlifeshit is blocking my laz-device-revive.

i really dont care if the monster gets free feed because if i had to choose
between reviving my teammates safe or the monster get free feed without killing then i choose the safe revives as laz.


umm… why don’t u just lure the armadon away so that its corpse doesnt die on the assault

But that said, yea, some kind of priority system should work out over who gets targeted


It’s far from useless and the Lazarus device outlines on white what it is reviving. So cloak and pay attention.


Yes, this is fckin annoying, especially when you revive tyrant…


You have to admit though it’s still freaking hilarious to do


I’m not sure I can think of a single scenario where reviving wildlife for the sake of it would be a good thing for the Hunters.

It stops the rotting process and, depending on the wildlife, adds a new threat.

I think I heard that it removes Albino buffs, but that almost sounds like a bug - and if intended it would be better denied to the Monster when a Hunter first takes it.

So unless Lazarus needs to revive a harmless and adorable Canyon Strider, I don’t see a need for that mechanic at all.


It’s if you are leaving the corpse behind and continuing pursuit. Don’t want that monster to have a free 3 meat meal, make him fight for it, unless you are absolutely sure he won’t sneak back around.


Meat rots if it sits too long, and when on the Monster’s tail they don’t always have the ability to go directly where the Hunters were.


Targetting is stupid
It will proirtize alive teammates over downed ones
when shielding
then deicde to do the opposite
this makes or breaks games
and its out of your control


You mean priority? That’s what he said, not targeting. Anyways choosing who you want as I mentioned would be best when everyone’s clumped and macman said they’d check it out on pc. For consoles it would have to do with the hot swap control to pick who you want to heal shield what not.


I’ve looked directly at a downed teammate as hank and it would shield daisy who was no where near him.

and when i wanted to shield daisy it would shield a teammate who was WAY behind daisy.


I didn’t even know you could revive wildlife. Thats amazing


Reviving Support! revives Tyrant instead


Especially when your teammate is directly in front of you, the dead wildlife is firmly behind you with no limbs or anything even on screen, but somehow the Lazarus Device auto-targets the creature you can’t even see. This has happened once or twice to me, it’s pretty silly. They need to make it so Hunters always take top priority if there’s two potential targets - the glove sometimes seems to go out of its way to focus on any nearby wildlife.


The device has to prioritize nearby hunters. Always. No exceptions. Sometimes you can’t choose where you’re downed and you don’t always have time to lure larger monsters away (what if the armadon still focuses the downed assault?).

Picture this: Monster hits you with a knockback ability and you happen to die near a huge wildlife corpse, Lazarus manages to go for a clutch revive…and revives the animal instead of you because it simply has a larger model than the player. Since you can’t target with the revivifier you need to be sure the priority when multiple corpses are lying around is always: Player>Daisy>Fauna

No need for targeting. Just a proper priority-system. This needs to happen.


Oh I’m all for prioritizing system. What I was saying was, in the OP’s context, he could have just lured the armadon away from the assault corpse and kill it somewhere else. That would have avoided the multiple revive attempts


Sometimes the creatures can’t be distracted and keep bashing the downed character so you either kill them right there or wait until the critters killed the character and go attack something else. It can be done, but can be tricky in a dome/combat situation where you don’t have all the time in the world. Hence why the priority system would be a great QOL change.


Do wildlife target downed characters? I havent really seen it happen. I thought they always prioritize standing targets in their territory


We had that situation recently. A sloth downed our careless trapper and it simply couldn’t be bothered to move away from the incapped guy, so we killed it there. Not sure whether it was bashing the downed guy or just being a nuisance. It didn’t want to move. Needlessly to say I revived the sloth despite the fact I took some time in positioning myself so that the only thing I could have possibly revived was the trapper.

Quite annoying.


I was definitely being further attacked by wildlife when downed a couple of times.