Revivifier not working


Lazarus device is used on incapped hunters and they still get a strike. Happened to me on 2 different games with different people, and others who were revived also got a strike.


No it works fine. It is meant to revive your mate with one strike. Your mate just dont get another one like he would if he would get revived on normal way.


Not sure I understood your meaning, but Lazarus Device is certainly supposed to revive you without adding any strikes to your health bar.
If it doesn’t, what’s the point? It’s no different than normal reviving.


Don’t listen to Smoky, it is not supposed to do that.
Did you remember to use the Lazarus Device and not regular reviving?
Because the Lazarus device is used with the fire button.


Smokey is confused its supposed to revive you with 80% of your max health not with a strike.


I wasn’t Lazarus but he used the L Device.


It’s working fine. Maybe Daisy was reviving you at the same time and revived you faster than Lazarus. Or something else along those lines. Anyway it’s more likely some player mistake rather than bug. Never experienced any issues with this personally and never saw anyone else having problem with it.


Daisy doesnt revive when lazarus is alive and kicking, i personally think to that the player just used the X,O or revive button to revive the incapped hunter instead of using the weapon fire button


Well anyway it’s probably not a bug, so yeah. As for Daisy, at least she does revive survivors in Rescue mode, that’s for sure. I was playing Laz and felt like BBQ’ing her.


When you revify in rescue one of those NPCs with Lazzarus you sometimes res them with strike.


Just because YOU never experienced that bug, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.