Revive with medgun/ nades to level healing past level 2. Such an annoying thing


For the love of all that is holy, please change the way Val and Caira level their healing tools.

It makes no sense, that if you want to level up, you need to be a bad medic in the first place and let people get downed.
Then when people get downed, it takes for ever to get them up again if you try to with your healing tool.
And god forbid you play with a decent team/heal well, now you will never get it since no one gets downed.

Can we please just have it changed to just being even more healing to level it?

As far as I know it’s the only 2 hunters that have to do different stuff to level an item. Every one else just do more of the same they do in the first place. You know. Their primary job.


It’s not so bad for Caira, but for val it’s simply faster to pick them up normally


Why would you let them be downed? Just do it when the situation presents itself. It’s your decision to purposefully let your team down. If mastering a character matters so much then do that stuff in custom or solo and stop trying to do it in public. I just let it happen naturally.


This is the only skill stil at 1 star for Caira, we just don’t go down in most cases. And the only reason it is so far is I boosted the crap out of it thru “Hunters Quest” by far the most annoying thing.


I’m not quite sure but can this not be done in Rescue? I ‘believe’ this is where I got mine done. Apologies if I’m wrong as Caira was my first Elite so this was done a WHILE back.


Try playing rescue :smile:
Since Survivors will start downed anyway you’ll have the 2nd Star quickly =)

i had much more problems with Val’s Weakpoints
You have to completely rely on your teammates to actually aim for the weakpoint (which Pugs generally dont seem to do), getting like 100-300 Damage from the needed 12000 :l


with caira its actually in 9/10 better to just revive them with nades so u dont fuck up ure positioning


The mastery system is annoying as hell even in less insane cases. If they simply made the normal level-up points pay dividends to advancing all masteries of the played character one could easily get over a few questionable choices of how to powerlevel it. But this way playing the game smart and advancing your character can turn out to be mutually exclusive tings.