Revive Bug


So the other day I was playing a match and this guy refused to revive me despite standing right over me. Now I think I know why. There seems to be a bug about where you cant revive someone. Here’s a video… sorry for the awful quality in the beginning, I’m not sure why that happened, but the quality gets better right as I go down, and you can still see the bug happen.

One thing I noticed was sunny ran to where the rock hit me. I remember in the multiplayer match I mentioned above I also got downed by a rock and tumbled. Maybe that is why it happens. Regardless I hope this gets fixed soon.

Edit: thought I’d be a little more clear… I’ve only expierenced not being able to revive someone twice. This and the multiplayer story I mentioned. Reviving still works as intended, it seems that if you are tumbled to death (by a rock or a tounge grab or something) it occasionally happens. Also I am on PS4, and I live in the eastern US.