*Revised* Attention All Players & *TRS Developers: The Rage Quit Dilemma

True that. It doesn’t really annoy me since I can kill hunters as stage 1 rightfully earned Elite Goliath, but in my honest opinion for balancing terms, 46 seconds for a dart’s time is a bit too long :confused:

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I like how you say you are humble one line after you say you are just that damn good.

And no, op, im not going to take video games as seriously as you; ill quit when i please

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I agree that there needs to be a stiffer penalty for quitting mid game but I’m more concerned with you einning at S1. What sort of brain dead husks are you playing against that allow such a thing to happen?!

If i was stomped by an S1 I would hang up my jetpack!

Flipside dude.

When my L40 4 man hunter team wrecks every monster we play, and they usually quit mid match. You know when you see the monster just stand still why the guy selects leave match?

Evacs take twice as long because we have to go back to lobby after each day while we wait for another monster.

Swings and roundabouts kraken, if you play xbox come fight us, we will make you sweat…


Funny how billions say the pope is humble after he makes all kinds of comments and celebrity appearances etc.

I am a humble person but I’ll defend vigorously, my accomplishments when they are questioned. No one here has challenged me (not that I would be able to meet the challenge due to college, business, life etc.)

Just trust I’m a badass monster and a badass Hyde. Also @macman and @slabomeat when are you going to buff Hyde? It’s no secret Markov and Parnell can do more overall damage and the toxic grenade slowing the hunters movement speed is a little frustrating.

He gets buffed in the next update.

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You can do stuff like max out a skill and rush the 35% damage buff to get ez wins at stage 1

Just watched that video that Trapjaw linked, and that hunter team you fought is absolutely terrible.

Cabot amping when Hyde is nowhere near, Hyde using his minigun for most of it, and not throwing grenades, caira wasn’t healing anywhere near enough and was too caught up using napalm…list goes on.

No one was doing any damage.

Seriously mate if you rate yourself because of wins against uncoordinated teams like this, you really need to tone down the arrogance a bit. A decent premade team would have WRECKED you in that first encounter by the tunnel.

EDIT: Oh and the Pope can be called humble, because he is the Pope. Not some random guy on a video game forum no one has heard of.

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Think you need to stop stereotyping. I have a PC and an xbox, and the only difference between gamers of similar ages on either platform, is that PC gamers think they are the cat’s pyjamas for no obvious reason other than they genuinely believe all their own BS.

There are multiple people, myself included, that have challenged you. We do not trust you that you are “a badass monster” when you play garbage teams.

Im on xbox. And I will destroy you. I won’t even use wraith.

Im on xbox too. GT billabong5511 my team should be on this weekend.

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Please post a video of what sounds like an epic battle.

Sorry, however it’s kinda funny how this topic started about Rage Quit, yet as it continued it directed more & more towards about how good some people are.

As for the rage quiting, a mild deterrent to such would be nice. Some games in the past had them, like 5-20 minute bans from matchmaking if someone quit several games intentionally in a row. Yes by all means someone should have the right to leave a game, sometimes real life emergencies can arise while gaming, thus a valid excuse. However a punishment is needed for individuals who quit over & over again intentionally, which can ruin gameplay for others, is a selfish action that can disrupt the flow of a match.

Or an easy access completion ratio for every player, that others can see prior to matches beginning. That would show what percentage of games in which that a player participates in, completes (wins and losses). With a terrible completion ratio, other players would know to avoid such individuals. Thus possibly encourage those rage quiters to well…quit their bad habit. I’ve seen that ratio effect actually help in the past in both aspects. Also those with horrible online connections (often disconnections) would be included. Yes it’s not their fault for bad connections, but individuals with solid connections should at least have a heads up when someone that will likely disconnect, willingly enters their online match.


People’s disconnect game is strong in this game. BUT this thread is kind of hilarious so i’m glad people quitting gave us this at least.

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Yup. agree, but if i lose, i always lose at stage 1 Kraken. Against Abe + cabot + caira/val combo.
Its really frustrating. The winner is Cabot - he literally chipped away half or more of your stage one HP.

whether youre in air or not, it doest matter. Hopefully, monster players can get level up more easily after cabot nerf. looking forward to it .

Watched the first couple videos and I have to say any n00b can beat the hunter team when the medic is absent or you catch the medic alone first and kill them. The team you played was not very good at all. They were making n00b mistakes all over the place. Its also funny how you bitch about them finding you as if they are supposed to give you free time to run around the map and evolve lol. Also how can a self proclaimed MLG pro master not know how abes tracking darts work lol. I knew exactly how they worked during the beta test. You get tagged with the dart and barely 30 seconds later your bitching that you have been actively tracked for 2 mins lol. If you think that hunter team was skilled in some way you are poorly mistaken.

why would i stay if my assault does no dmg my trapper is jerking off somewhere on the other side of the map and cabot is shooting walls without reason

I quit when I see wraith as the monster. Otherwise, I know it can be frustrating.


I know I’ll lose against the wraith (most likely not guaranteed but likely) but what’s also likely is that I’ll get monster in the next lobby and destroy the wraith player who is now a hunter. I’ll even kill them and make em re spawn several times, to the point where I have 30secs to destroy the power relay or kill them. As punishment for using the wraith.