Revert monsters to before



IDK what order you did this hell you could have done it all at once. But back in the first beta (was in top 100 trapper) the monster went like this stage 1: was an easy kill, stage 2: was close to par, stage 3: was more powerful then the 4 players. this is reflected even more in the voice recordings that you guys did they all say at stage 2 “now it’s an even fight”. now it’s: stage 1: par, stage 2: more powerful then the 4 players, and stage 3: just quit if you are hunter. I get it monsters got wrecked unless they were good at the game but to top things off you gave them armor every time they killed something even if they didn’t eat it. that in itself balanced the issues that the monster had out. keep the armor grab but reversae the damage and for god sacks bring back some cool downs the kraken should not be able to spam like that, lightning is now chained lightning.

Another thing medics have been obviously Nerfed since the beta in the beta Val could keep people alive using her heal gun the same way Hank can shield people (the amount of healing was equal to a stage 2 monster damage). Now it literally doesn’t do anything now the only ability that heaths at all AT ALL is the AOE heal. so literally all medics number 2 doesn’t do anything unless you are Lazarus. add a 25-30% increase to all medic 2 heals. or heck fix the monsters so they can’t one shot people at level 2 and we should be good.


I’m guessing one of the reasons they did this is to make more players play as a monster. Probably they will nerf monsters in time.


I’m like the worst person to comment on game design but – it seems to me that Hunters were handed some large advantages. Planet scanner, everyone can throw the dome, everyone heals up slowly I think even without the medic (right?), shortened match timer. Aren’t all these in the Hunters’ favor? If they buffed the monsters as well, I think that was needed. I always felt terrified and ineffectual as Monster before.

But, full disclosure, I suck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forums @Musica! Obviously a lot has changed since the BETA you played in and if you haven’t played the game since it is almost a complete 180!

There are reasons the game plays the way it does now. Before, it wasn’t (as) fun. People stopped playing. Hunters figured out ways to keep a Monster from doing anything and really made it stressful to be a Monster player. A lot of fights would end in one dome. So Monsters started doing the Flee Til 3 strategy and Evolve became a Running Simulator nobody liked.

In terms of Medic Healing, it has been changed. It should not be equal to the damage output of a Monster. When it was, all you would see is Hank on Support and Monsters had a hard time killing Hunters. The whole idea of the game now is Trading back and forth between sides. As a Monster you may get a strike or two, but you are going to lose some health. As a Hunter you can afford to get killed early, since you re-spawn in like 30 seconds.


Basically old Evolve wasn’t as fun as it could have been, and that’s why it was dead on PC. They changed up the way the game is supposed to be played with a focus on more battles and sides trading damage more often!

Hope that helped!

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Just give the hunters a little time to get used to the game and start communicating.

Kelder and Wraith seem a little strong time at the moment, but Goliath is in a good place (perhaps too weak?) and I feel standard Kraken is fine too.


I’m still getting edged out by coordinated teams at stage 3 so… Your argument is a bit moot man sorry.